4/7 AEW DYNAMITE TV RESULTS: Sage’s “alt standpoint” document on Kenny Omega & The Just right Brothers vs. Jon Moxley & The Younger Dollars, Mike Tyson Seems, Darby Allin vs. JD Drake, Extra. – Professional Wrestling Torch



APRIL 7, 2021

Announcers: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

-The display opened with The Internal Circle arriving in all black cars.

-The hole display promo was once proven, adopted by means of pyro at the degree space.


The fit began with Web page kicking Anthony Bowens within the face. Web page then went on paintings on Caster within the nook, resulting in a fallaway slam, and a suplex. Caster then took the merit and labored over Web page within the nook. Web page countered with an elbow and he reigned regulate of the fit another time. Caster ended up at the out of doors ground, Web page adopted and slammed Caster into the barricade. Again within the ring, Web page endured the attack and he threw Caster to the out of doors another time. After a chain on strikes, Caster reversed an Irish Whip and threw Web page into the barricade. Web page briefly countered and hit a forearm on Caster, who was once perched at the barricade.

Anthony Bowens hit Web page with the boombox and threw Web page again into the hoop. Right here Caster began hitting offense on Web page. Caster locked in a face lock submission, Web page was once ready to damage out and hit Caster with a slam, then an exploder. At the apron, Web page attempted to arrange the Useless Eye, but it surely was once countered and the boys traded moves, with Web page slamming Caster.

Caster neglected a place whilst Bowens distracted Web page, sooner or later Caster had Web page in a submission transfer, wherein Web page broke with the ground rope. Web page then hit a large forearm, he arrange the Useless eye and grabbed date growth field that was once thrown in for Caster. Caster then used his chain and driven Web page with it for a close to fall. Web page then took out and hit the Buckshot Lariat for the pinfall victory.

WINNER: Adam Web page in 10:00

(Sage’s Research: This was once no longer an excellent fit. With out Bowens, Caster wouldn’t have gotten in a 2nd of offense in accordance with how the fit was once laid out. I love that Web page was once made to seem robust, however that made Caster glance actually unhealthy. I assume that implies he wishes Bowens and to be in a tag group according to AEW reserving.)

-Tony introduced the group of Dying Triangle, and that group got here out. Tony introduced that they might have an opportunity on the Tag Staff identify subsequent week. Orange Cassidy and Very best Pals got here out, a video of Dying Triangle attacking them was once proven. Pac mentioned they had been a ways from worthy of difficult them and to get off the degree. Trent then mentioned that he was once harm and labored his long ago, and the Very best Pals have probably the most wins in AEW tag group historical past.

-The announce group then ran down the rest of the cardboard.

-A clip of City Meyer and Mike Tyson speaking was once proven.

-Internal Circle got here out to Chris Jericho’s song. [c]

-The reside crowd chanted “Internal Circle,” because the display got here again. Jericho introduced that they had been again in black. Jericho apologized for the movements of his group, however he in the long run blamed MJF for the entire unhealthy issues that that they had achieved. Jericho mentioned he introduced MJF into the crowd to stay him beneath his thumb, he sought after to make use of him so long as they may. He mentioned that they had been able for when he grew to become on them, however they weren’t able for him to have his personal workforce when that came about. Jericho then made amusing of MJF’s spray tan. Jericho says that MJF desires to be a legend now, first he wishes to overcome the decrease degree other people like Peter Avalon . He then referred to as out MJF for the usage of the headband gimmick, and checking on-line feedback on all his segments. Jericho mentioned that he would by no means be higher than Jericho, and he is aware of it.

Jericho then went on to discuss the head. He mentioned Tully Blanchard was once the third best possible 4 horseman. He mentioned FTR was once just right, however he can’t inform them aside. He mentioned Spears is handiest any person who referred to as him when he were given fired and he appears dumb with that mohawk. He then mentioned Wardlow was once dumb and made a remark about stripping that will have to imply I’m as dumb as Wardlow is portrayed. Jericho then introduced Pinnacle vs. Internal Circle in a Blood & Guts fit on Might fifth. [c]

-Christian Cage was once behind the curtain, he mentioned ultimate week was once an accumulation of the ultimate 12 months and the way he earned that and got here again. He mentioned Frankie Kazarian driven him, and he beloved it. He mentioned he isn’t like everybody else, he makes others degree up. Taz interrupted the promo and mentioned that seven years is a very long time and he presented Christian a chance in Staff Taz. Taz mentioned to sleep on it and he walked off.


Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus took out Boulder after which Jungle Boy did two dives out onto Bronson of Endure Nation. Luchasaurus and Boulder had been then the prison males, Bronson tagged in and the 2 participants of undergo nation teamed as much as paintings over Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy was once tagged in, however Boulder briefly energy bombed him. [c]

Jungle Boy made a counter and attempted for the recent tag, however was once pulled away. Quickly after Luchasaurus was once tagged in and he took out Endure Nation. He then attempted a double choke slam and that was once countered, Luchasaurus then hit a chain of kicks  and were given Boulder at the center rope, Boulder countered and hit a superplex for a close to fall, that Jungle Boy broke up. Then all 4 males battled and Jungle Boy was once utilized by Bronson to get a divorce a pin.

Endure Nation then teamed up with a double cannonball within the nook for a close to fall on Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus took out Bolder, Luchasaurus then were given the pin on Bronson.

WINNER: Jurassic Categorical in 10:00

(Sage’s Research: An adequate fit, that was once made extra amusing with the Godzilla/Kong Gimmick. I love that Luchasaurus were given the rub right here as he has been forgotten somewhat. Endure Nation appear lovely just right, however I feel they want some extra backstory or some reason why for me as a viewer to have an opinion about them.)

-QT Marshall then had a video from the Nightmare Manufacturing unit, he mentioned that he did the entire paintings for Cody, that he wanted Cody to be the place he’s. He mentioned that he was once noting in WWE and that he made a reputation at the Indies. QT then ran down the entire participants of his group. [c]

-Tony introduced Sting at the degree space, Sting got here out. Jake Roberts interrupted and were given very Meta about how the segments like this typically pass. He then spoke for the target market and mentioned the definition of madness is doing the similar factor time and again. Lance Archer then got here out and mentioned that the sector would be aware of him, and he will have to be in the principle match, no longer Sting. Sting grabbed the mic from him and mentioned its his time, he agreed that Lance Archer will have to be in the principle match. He thinks Archer must channel his vary to do it. He mentioned to head and do it, after which Sting walked off, Lance and Roberts left as neatly.

-Staff Taz was once behind the curtain celebrating their win on Darkish. Taz referred to as out Starks for stirring the pot. Taz mentioned they want to be a unit and want to be good.


The fit began with a collar and elbow tie-up, Darby Allin then used his velocity to get an early merit. JD Drake chopped Allin down with a chop. Allin then did a dive out to Drake, Nemeth distracted Allin and Drake threw Allin off the apron, onto the ground. Sting then got here out with a bat and ran off Nemeth. In the meantime, Drake was once operating over Allin within the ring with gradual and methodical offense. [c]

When the display returned Drake chased Allin to the out of doors, the place Allin was once thrown into the ropes and fell again onto the ground. Drake then attempted a cannonball onto the barrier that Allin dodged. Allin then dove and took out Drake. Drake then were given Allin seated at the best rope, then within the tree of woe the place Drake hit a cannonball resulting in a close to fall for Drake. Allin countered and went to the highest rope and traded moves with Drake up there. Allin then hit Code Purple and a Coffin Drop for the pinfall.

WINNER: Darby Allin in 9:00

(Sage’s Research: A amusing fit. JD Drake had no likelihood to win this fit from a reserving perspective. However, JD Drake seemed nice, and Darby continues to make all his combatants glance nice.)

-Postmatch the Hardy Circle of relatives Administrative center attacked Darby. Sting and The Darkish Order got here out and made the save.

-A video package deal concerning the Kenny Omega/Younger Dollars storyline was once proven. [c]

-Chris Jericho was once behind the curtain and was once requested about Blood & Guts. The Pinnacle attacked him from at the back of and so they introduced him out to the hoop and all teamed up on him. A video confirmed that the Internal Circle’s door have been locked and so they broke the door down. Mike Tyson’s song hit and he walked out to the hoop and beat up on Shawn Spears. After this Internal Circle got here out and joined Mike Tyson. Jericho and Tyson shook arms and embraced within the ring.

-Britt Baker was once behind the curtain and she or he requested for a championship fit with Shida. She mentioned wins and losses shouldn’t subject, however she is going to get a number of wins to get a identify shot.


Bunny began the fit briefly with assaults that resulted in Conti’s head being slammed within the turnbuckle. Conti countered with a suplex and a kick within the nook. Bunny then grabbed Conti’s leg and slammed her at the apron, Bunny then suplexed Conti to the out of doors and hit a dropkick to ship Conti into the barricade. [c]

When the display returned Conti hit a again breaker on Bunny, who countered with a kick and were given a close to fall on Conti. Matt Hardy were given at the apron to distract Conti, it didn’t paintings and Conti hit the Tay KO and were given a close to fall on Bunny. At the out of doors, Bunny took out Shida and grabbed her Kendo stick but it surely was once taken away by means of Conti. She then hit a superplex and Conti slammed Bunny for the pinfall.

Winner: Tay Conti in 8:00

(Sage’s Research: a just right fit, that felt like they put the entire just right stuff earlier than and after the destroy, this made the fit really feel off from a pacing perspective. Tay Conti is the number one contender and is successful so much, are we able to get some personality segments together with her please?)

-The announce group went over the cardboard for subsequent week’s episode of Dynamite. [c]


Karl Anderson and Matt Jackson began the fit, Matt Jackson yelled at Don Callis at ringside, Omega was once tagged in and he and Matt began every different down, and driven every different. Nick Jackson was once tagged in, the 2 males locked up and Omega were given wrist regulate and Nick tumbled till he were given out of the hang. Omega flexed after which ran the ropes and Nick hit a hurricanrana on Omega. Anderson was once tagged in and Nick hit a couple of drop kicks earlier than Document Gallows entered, all 3 participants of group Omega had been at the out of doors. Staff Moxley all dove out and took out the opposing group. [c]

When the economic destroy ended, Anderson and Matt Jackson had been scuffling with. Moxley after all were given the tag and he labored over Anderson after Omega fled the hoop. Moxley and Anderson traded slaps and Moxley then hit a German Suplex on Omega, Gallows then ran the ropes and hit a large kick on Moxley. Gallows then labored over Moxley in his nook. Moxley countered and were given the tag to Nick Jackson, Anderson was once tagged in on the similar time. Nick was once ready to take out Anderson and Gallows, resulting in a operating kick on Gallows and a Backbone Buster. Omega entered and battled with Matt Jackson. Matt hit a DDT and arrange an ideal kick, however he didn’t have the center to kick him. Omega regained regulate and Omega slapped him, ends up in a brawl between the 2.

Omega hit a snap dragon after a large number of interference, then Omega hit a 2nd snap dragon. Omega went for a V-Cause however Moxley took him out, Matt Jackson hit a pile driving force on Omega for a close to fall. The Dollars hit Extra Bang for Your Dollar on Omega. Nick then took out Gallows and Anderson. The Dollars arrange the BTE Cause, Nick was once all in and Matt couldn’t do it. Moxley talked to them and so they attempted once more however couldn’t do it. Moxley tagged himself in, Matt pleaded not to harm Omega. Moxley hit two DDT’s and locked within the sleeper. The Younger Dollars then tremendous kicked Moxley and Eddie Kingston got here out and was once taken out by means of The Just right Brothers. Moxley was once hit by means of The Magic Killer and The Just right Brothers put Omega on best and Omega were given the pinfall win.

WINNER: Kenny Omega & The Just right Brothers in 18:00

(Sage’s Research: A just right fit with a ton of celebrity energy and intrigue. I didn’t see that being the tale that was once going to learn. It’s not that i am 100% about it, my preliminary concept is that they have got moved the Dollars out and in as just right/unhealthy guys an excessive amount of and this is still a complicated mess. I do like them extra as heels with Omega basically. I simply hope that they pick out a tale and persist with it.)

-After the fit, The Younger Dollars hit an ideal kick on Moxley.

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