All of Giovanni Pernice’s celebrity partners on Strictly Come Dancing


GIOVANNI Pernice’s time on Strictly Come Dancing has been the talk of the town.

Here, we take a look at all the dance partners that Gio has had over the years, from his first partner in 2015 to his last in 2023.

Giovanni appeared on the Strictly scene with his first dance partner, Georgia May Foote.


Giovanni first burst onto the Strictly scene with his dance partner Georgia May Foote.Credit: BBC

Who did Giovanni Pernice dance with professionally?

Georgia May Foote

Technically, fans first met Giovanni Pernice in season 13 of the show in 2015.

His first dance partner was Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote.

Things between the two definitely heated up on and off the dance floor.

After the show ended, Giovanni and Georgia quickly became a couple and dated for about eight months.

The two had great chemistry on and off the dance floor.


The two had great chemistry on and off the dance floor.Credit: BBC – Check copyright holder

They announced their breakup in August 2016.

Georgia released a statement saying, “It is with great regret that we have decided to disband. There are no other parties involved.”

“It wasn’t an easy decision, but sometimes you realize you’re better off as friends, and this is one of those times.

“We both have very busy work schedules for the rest of this year, so we will be focusing on our upcoming work projects and wishing each other well.” future. ”

Laura Whitmore

Next, Gio was paired with Laura Whitmore


Next, Gio was paired with Laura WhitmoreCredit: BBC

geo’s Next His partner was former Love Island host Laura Whitmore.

The two paired up in Season 14 of 2016 and made it to Week 7, where they were eliminated.

Giovanni Pernice faces new controversy: a mountain of doubts

However, in 2018, Laura revealed that she “cried every day” while working with Giovanni on Strictly.

writing for Huffington PostLaura explained: “I’m not ready to talk in detail about my experience on the show yet. I love dancing – I’ve topped the leaderboard twice – but , before it even begins.

“I was thrown into a den of lions and thrown into the middle of a breakup with someone who had nothing to do with me.

To the outside world, I tried to absorb it and smile, to the best of my ability, but it affected me deeply. My friends and family knew I was struggling.

Laura Whitmore

“Once again, I was a ‘rumored lover.’”

She continued: “I was paired up with a very uncomfortable dance partner, and by the end I was heartbroken, crying every day, and by the end, I was really broken, mentally and physically.

“To the outside world, I tried to absorb it and smile, to the best of my ability, but it affected me deeply.

Laura says she cried every day on Strictly


Laura said she ‘cried every day’ on StrictlyCredit: BBC

“My friends and family knew I was struggling and they helped me.

“But the media saw me as fodder for blondes in sequined dresses.”

Laura was named as one of Giovanni’s dance partners who complained about him to the BBC.

Debbie McGee

Giovanni partnered with the legendary Debbie McGee


Giovanni was partnered with the legendary Debbie McGeeCredit: BBC

In 2017, Giovanni paired up with former magician assistant Debbie McGee.

The wife of the late Paul Daniels erupted in cheers as she stepped onto the dance floor and the pair received huge praise from the judges.

In fact, they were so good that they made it to the finals, where they were runners-up to the winning couple, Joe McFadden and Katya Jones.

Debbie enjoyed her time with the Italian dancer


Debbie enjoyed her time with the Italian dancerCredit: Handout

Debbie and Gio became very close while appearing on the show together.

In fact, in January 2024, she came out in support of Gio after he faced backlash.

Debbie shared a smiling photo of herself with the Italian dancer on Instagram and wrote, “Happy memories.
Giovanni and I had the best time at Strictly. ”

While being shot, Gio replied, “I love you…thank you.” [love heart emojis]”

Faye Tozer

Faye Tozer reportedly found Strictly tough


Faye Tozer reportedly had a tough time on ‘Strictly’Credit: BBC

Like Laura, Giovanni’s 2018 dance partner Faye Tozer is said to have had “issues” with the professional dancer.

The Steps star danced with him in season 16, and on the surface, they seemed to get along very well.

The two were paired together in the 2018 series, but missed the chance to hoist the Glitter Ball to Stacey Dooley and Kevin Clifton.

However, The Sun previously reported that his “fiercely competitive nature” left Fay emotional.

They missed out on the Glitterball trophy


they missed the glitterball trophyCredit: PA:Press Association

Before the 2018 final, a source told Us: “Fay and Giovanni were struggling under pressure and were both verbally abusive behind each other’s backs.

“Giovanni is very competitive and wants to win.

But from my experience I can say that yes, Giovanni is tough, I wanted it, so it depends.

Michelle Faith

“But Stacey and Joe are both so popular with the fans that he knows there’s no hope in hell.

“Fay was sensitive and became quite emotional after weeks of relentless training.”

Michelle Faith

Michelle Visage enjoyed her time with Giovanni


Michelle Visage enjoyed her time with GiovanniCredit: BBC

Like Debbie, Michelle Visage also befriended Gio in Season 17 in 2019.

ru paul drag race The star and the Italian pro dancer made it to Blackpool, where they were eliminated.

Michel also expressed support for Giovanni, but also said he was “tough”.

Don’t be fooled by Giovanni’s angelic face.

Ranvir Singh

When asked about him on This Morning in March 2024, she said: “I’m not here to gossip because I don’t like gossip.

“But I can tell you from my experience that Giovanni is tough.”

The pair made it safely to the famous Blackpool stage.


The pair made it safely to the famous Blackpool stage.Credit: BBC

“He’s probably the toughest professional.

“That’s what I wanted, so it depends. Some people can handle it, some people don’t want to handle it.

“That’s what I wanted.”

Ranvir Singh

Ranvir Singh appeared on Strictly in 2020


Ranvir Singh appeared on Strictly in 2020Credit: PA

Ranvir Singh has been vocal about not enjoying spending time with Giovanni on Strictly.

Like Laura, she filed a complaint with the police. BBC About him.

When paired with Giovanni on the 2020 series, Ranvir told Good Morning Britain at the time: “Don’t be fooled by his angelic face!

GMB host told fans not to be 'fooled' by Gio


GMB host told fans not to be ‘fooled’ by GioCredit: PA

“He’s a fiery Italian, very strict, and I’m a little scared of him.

Ranveer is yet to speak publicly about Giovanni again.

Rose Ayring-Ellis

Gio had great success with Rose Ayling-Ellis


Gio had great success with Rose Ayling-EllisCredit: PA

Giovanni achieved his biggest success to date in 2021 when he won the Glitterball Trophy for ‘Strictly’. Rose Ayring-Ellis.

He was paired with the EastEnders actress in season 19 and received high praise from the judges each week.

Gio and Rose scooped up the Glitterball trophy together


Gio and Rose scooped up the Glitterball trophy togetherCredit: PA

After the show ended, Rose and Gio remained friends and often shared social media posts together.

The pair were so well-received that in 2022 they won the Television Academy Award for ‘must-see moment’ for their silent dance on Strictly.

richie anderson

Richie Anderson danced with Gio in 2022


Richie Anderson danced with Gio in 2022Credit: PA

Richie Anderson also didn’t have the best time on Strictly in 2022, where he partnered with Giovanni.

The season 20 pair didn’t last long on the show, being eliminated in the third week.

The pair were plagued by rumors of a rift when they sat apart from each other on It Takes Two.

They reportedly didn't


They reportedly didn’t “click” with the showCredit: PA

During an appearance on the show, a source told Us: “Those two aren’t getting along.

“Richie is overwhelmed by the whole experience and is talking 100 words a minute, so it can be tough for Giovanni.

“He has told his friends that Richie only speaks rather than listens during training, which is frustrating.”

amanda abbington

Giovanni's last partner on Strictly was Amanda Abbington


Giovanni’s last partner on Strictly was Amanda AbbingtonCredit: PA

Amanda Abbington partnered with Giovanni on the 2023 series of Strictly Come Dancing.

However, just a few weeks into the series, the actress announced she was leaving the show.

Before she left Strictly, The Sun revealed how Amanda and Giovanni had been feuding behind the scenes.

Amanda complained about her time with the Italian dancer


Amanda complained about her time with the Italian dancerCredit: PA

Amanda shared a cryptic post about the nefarious act on her Instagram account, further fueling the rumors.

In January 2024, it was revealed that Amanda had told friends that her strained relationship with Strictly star Giovanni had left her with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The Sun revealed that the Sherlock actress had requested footage of rehearsals with her partner Giovanni and sought legal advice.

Giovanni Pernice, Strictly Scandal Timeline

October 2023Amanda suddenly quit Strictly, having already missed one live show. Her departure was announced by the BBC in a vague statement saying “we wish her the best of luck.”

Giovanni posted a short message on social media about his departure, which read, “Amanda… I am so sad that I can’t continue but I am so proud of what we have achieved and sending you so much love.”

Amanda later shared her own farewell statement on Instagram, thanking her co-stars but not mentioning Gio.

Giovanni’s father, Piero, insists there was no sign of a rift and that their relationship may have completely broken down. He praised his son as kind and polite.

November 2023: Giovanni is reportedly heartbroken by the situation and considering his future on Strictly as questions are being raised about his actions.

January 2024: Amanda’s PTSD diagnosis is revealed and she requests surveillance footage of rehearsals to prove that Giovanni’s training methods are unacceptable.

The BBC issued a statement defending its duty of care to contestants and insisted it takes allegations of misconduct very seriously.

After the emergency meeting, the company supports the person in charge

March 2024: Giovanni has revealed in a TV interview with close friend Anton du Beke that he has no intention of leaving Strictly.

Ranvir Singh and Laura Whitmore appear. The two celebrities, who had both previously partnered with Giovanni on Strictly, reportedly felt the BBC was not taking issues about Giovanni’s methods seriously enough. .

The two had a private meeting with Amanda, during which they are said to have shed tears.

May 2024: It was revealed that Giovanni would be leaving the show after meeting with show executives.

He fled the country with his girlfriend Molly Brown during the holidays.

The BBC launched an internal investigation after the three complainants instructed lawyers, in what sources have described as a “nightmare situation”.

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