An excessive amount of ‘warmth’ could be making you in poor health – and natural tea, or leung cha, may assist

Too much ‘heat’ might be making you sick – and herbal tea, or leung cha, could help

Natural tea referred to as leung cha is located all through south China, and tea stores had been a well-known fixture of the Hong Kong panorama for greater than 100 years.

What’s ‘cooling tea’?

Leung cha interprets actually as “cooling tea”. An infusion of herbs originating from China’s Guangdong province, it’s believed to comprise medicinal homes. In truth, the drink hardly comprises any parts of the tea plant and is extra like a bitter-tasting medicinal soup.

A handy guide a rough-fix treatment, leung cha is assumed to chill “inner warmth” and is used to regard a spread of well being issues. An inexpensive choice to medical doctors because the past due 19th century, leung cha was once formally decided on as a part of Hong Kong’s intangible cultural heritage in 2006. Listed here are probably the most extra standard components:

Chinese language natural tea: historical past, well being and how you can make it

The frame’s solidarity 

Other folks all through China are historically aware of their frame’s internal solidarity and consider vitamin impacts their general well-being. Meals and herbs are historically classified by means of whether or not they warmth or cool an individual’s metabolism. Many acidic meals are categorized as “heaty”, without reference to their temperature or spiciness. “Cooling tea” will have to be fed on piping sizzling to cleanse the frame of extra warmth and to alleviate early signs and head off sicknesses earlier than they expand in complete.

Yit hiya: an excessive amount of warmth

South China’s sizzling and humid climate acts as a breeding flooring for germs and illnesses within the area and, in line with theories of conventional Chinese language medication, other folks’s inner workings also are at risk of the buildup of “warmth” and “dampness” from the similar surroundings. Consider that Hong Kong has seven months of extremely humid, sizzling climate.

One of the most tactics to naturally keep an eye on frame temperature is by means of generating sweat which cools the surface because it evaporates. On the other hand, over the top ambient humidity compromises the frame’s talent to chill itself and warmth accumulates internally as a outcome, in line with conventional considering.

“Warmth” and “dampness” acquire throughout the frame when an excessive amount of “heaty meals” is fed on in a damp surroundings.

How is leung cha believed to paintings inside of our our bodies?

Other folks from Guangdong province drink leung cha for its cooling advantages to rid the frame of over the top inner warmth and dampness.

The herb round-leaved holly is prescribed for irritation (sore throat, mouth ulcers or sores). The herb “heal-all” is thought to dilate blood vessels, decrease blood force and scale back frame warmth.

Mocktails, an app, tea units: conventional Chinese language medication for 21st century

The rise of flowers within the intestine can assist enhance digestion, and the long-term use of glutamine is assumed to support the immune gadget.

No longer for everybody

Over the top natural tea might result in dizziness in the course of the frame changing into too “chilly”. The next other folks will have to keep away from natural tea:

You need to seek the advice of your physician if you’re new to ingesting leung cha.

That is an excerpt from Chinese language natural tea: historical past, well being and how you can make it , a multimedia infographic

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