Australian radio host lashes out at ‘random acts of kindness’ at fancy restaurants


An Australian TV and radio host says he is ‘still in shock’ after a stranger performed an ‘unbelievably random act of kindness’ at one of the country’s most exclusive restaurants. increase.

Sami Lukis claims to have been enjoying dinner at Sydney’s Nobu on Monday night. Nobu is a famous celebrity hotspot where a seven-course meal costs him over $180. table.

“An incredible random act of kindness from a stranger who paid the bill for every table at Nobu restaurant (myself included) in Sydney tonight. Thank you to the incredibly generous stranger. She tweeted after dining at the fine dining restaurant that opened in Crown Sydney in 2020.

Inside Sydney'S Nobu With Sami Lukis

Sami Lukis said a stranger paid a $400 bill while enjoying dinner with friends at Sydney’s Nobu. Source: Instagram/Nobu Sydney

Called the world’s most recognizable Japanese restaurant on its own website, Nobu has garnered worldwide acclaim since internationally renowned chef Nobu Matsuhisa opened its first restaurant in New York City in 1994. increase.

The chain now has over 50 restaurants worldwide, including in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, and customers are often asked to make reservations in advance.

However, its revered cuisine does not come cheap. Its signature and most popular main course, black cod marinated in miso, is expensive at $65.

Mystery Diner pays a $400 bill for just one table

In an article written for 9 Honey On Tuesday, Lukis said he was invited to Nobu by a friend who visited Nobu for a few days. Dinner was his cry because of the “silly bet” he lost to the radio host, but Rukis said the pair were “shocked.” [their] when their waitress tells them the good news.

“I just wanted to let you know that your bill was processed by one of the other diners here tonight,” she quoted the server, wondering if it was a prank.

Thinking they misheard, Rukis and her friend called the waitress back to the table and demanded an explanation. The server informed me again that the “whole bill” had been processed because “someone at the restaurant wanted to do something nice for everyone here tonight”.

The bill “easily” reached $400, and Lukis and her friends began to widen their eyes and scan the table and people around them.

“It was late at night and most people had already gone, but there were at least 10 tables left and about 30 other people looking around with the same shocked faces as we did.” I’m wondering what could possibly prompt someone to splurge on a total stranger in such an outlandish way.

Yahoo News Australia understands that the kind stranger didn’t pay for every table in the restaurant, but covered some of the perimeter.

A spokesperson for Crown Sydney said: “It’s always nice to hear stories like this where someone performs a random act of kindness.

“Nobu is one of the most recognized Japanese restaurant brands in the world, with thousands of people visiting each week to experience its signature flair. I am sure he was pleased with his generosity.”

The Mystery Diner’s generous gesture sparked some debate online, with some Twitter users claiming the money should have gone to charity.Yahoo News Australia reached out to Nobu Sydney for comment.

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