Benfica 2-2 Sporting in Liga Bwin | Goals and highlights 15/01/2023

Benfica 2-2 Sporting in Liga Bwin | Goals and highlights 15/01/2023

15:03 4 hours ago

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15:00 4 hours ago

Luz’s classic ended in a draw. Sports with a great game of Benfica 2×2 balls.

14:584 hours ago

Benfica x Sporting last minute at the Portuguese Championship.

14:554 hours ago

out! Speed ​​break with a counter attack, manage to invade the area and send it to the goal.

14:54 4 hours ago

There is 6 minutes of extra time in the second half.

14:54 4 hours ago

Benfica take another free kick on the right side of the edge of the penalty area.

2:53 PM4 hours ago

Benfica putting pressure on just before the end of the game. Sports do the best they can.

14:504 hours ago

A free kick is awarded again to Benfica. Enzo Fernández sends over the wall but is out.

14:464 hours ago

Grimaldo delivers a dangerous free-kick that explodes at the Sporting barrier.

14:38 5 hours ago

David Neres crossed from the right, Gonzalo Ramos headed in and Adan saved.

14:36 ​​5 hours ago

Sporting has a foul to charge on the attacking field.

14:22 5 hours ago

Rafa Silva received inside the area and fired a shot into the Ádan defense, but play was stopped for offside.

2:18 PM5 hours ago

Sporting scored a corner kick on the attacking left flank.

2:15 PM5 hours ago

After checking the VAR, the referee signals a penalty kick for the Lions at the Estadio da Luz.

14:14 5 hours ago

The judges were called to the monitors to confirm a possible penalty for Sporting.

2:11 PM5 hours ago

Sporting goes on the attack and continues to demand penalties.

14:09 5 hours ago

The ball is rolling towards the second half for Benfica x Sporting.

13:57 5 hours ago

The first half ended with Russ. Benfica and Sporting are currently drawing 1-1.

13:50 5 hours ago

There is 3 minutes of extra time in the first half.

13:47 5 hours ago

Rafa Silva receives a yellow card.

13:44 5 hours ago

Benfica! Gonzalo Ramos tied. Rafa Silva took advantage of the ball left in the area and crossed it to Gonçalo Ramos to score his 1×1 goal.

13:42 5 hours ago

Grimaldo takes a free kick, but Adan saves.

13:36 6 hours ago

Sports! Trincan opens the score at the Estadio da Luz. Lions come in from the right, a cross goes halfway up, Trincan goes deep into the net: 1-0.

13:26 6 hours ago

Benfica risk and arrive twice, but Ardane saves Sporting on both chances.

13:21 6 hours ago

It’s already 15 minutes and still no goals in the derby.

13:16 6 hours ago

Almost the first!!! Pedro Polo’s free-kick is really dangerous for Benfica’s goal!

13:11 6 hours ago

Otamendi receives a yellow card early in the first half.

13:06 6 hours ago

The ball is rolling at the Benfica x Sporting Portuguese Championship.

13:01 6 hours ago

Game start 10 minutes

12:51 PM6 hours ago

Odysseus Vracodimus; Alexander Burr, Antonio Silva, Otamendi, Grimaldo. Fredrik Ausnes, Enzo Fernandez, Rafa Silva, John Mario, Florentino. Gonzalo Ramos.

12:41 PM6 hours ago

match between Benfica When sporting Beginning at 2:00 PM ET, Luz Stadium, in Benfica Home, valid for Round 16 Portuguese ChampionshipThe loser goes home.The duel will be broadcast by star+ streaming service. You can find it all at VAVEL Brazil.

12:36 7 hours ago

Antonio Adam; Gonzalo Inacio, Coates and Mateus Reis. Pedro Polo, Pedro Goncalves, Manuel Ugarte, Nuno Santos, Francisco Trincao and Marcus Edwards. Paulinho,

12:31 7 hours ago

Odysseus Vracodimus; Alexander Burr, Antonio Silva, Otamendi, Grimaldo. Fredrik Ausnes, Enzo Fernandez, Rafa Silva, Joao Mario, Julian Draxler. Gonzalo Ramos.

12:21 7 hours ago

“We are looking forward to a great football match against a very good opponent. Both teams are playing attacking football in the Lisbon derby. I always try to play my style, so it doesn’t really matter who my opponent is. It will be a tough match, but of course we want to win. It’s very important for our situation in the league. “Today, all the players have been in training, there are no injuries or other problems, and everyone can play.”

12:11 PM7 hours ago

So Benfica are leaders with a very strong campaign and they don’t know what they have to lose playing at home. Additionally, they were able to be in front most of the time at the Estadio da Luz. So a very good guess that is likely to occur is that the Reds will score first.

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