Chas Dingle reveals shocking cancer news to family on Emmerdale


Chas Dingle will face breast cancer head-on next week after a well-deserved break from her namesake village.

But in doing so, the Emmerdale legend brings some bad news to the rest of her family, and her son Aaron struggles to cope.

Chas Dingle will be back on our screens next week


Chas Dingle will be back on our screens next weekCredit: ITV
And she makes explosive statements to the men in her family.


And she makes explosive statements to the men in her family.Credit: ITV
How will she fight cancer?


How will she fight cancer?Credit: ITV

The Woolpack bar manager, played by Lucy Pargetter, is devastated when she is diagnosed with the same type of cancer that her late mother Faith Dingle had.

Chas initially decided to keep the news private, but eventually gathered her family at the Woolpack and told everyone she had been diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer.

Following the revelations, Chas decided to take some time away from the eponymous ITV village with her young daughter Eve.

However, Chas will appear on screen again next week to make a bombshell about the remaining members of the Dingle clan.

Chas soon reveals to his family that his cancer is caused by a defect in the BRCA2 gene.

Her brothers Cain Dingle (Jeff Hordley), Caleb Milligan (Will Ash), and son Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) are blindsided when they learn that they too are likely to be infected. turn into.

They are even more upset by the realization that it could be passed on to their children.

Chas prepares to visit Mandy (Lisa Riley) for her birthday and suggests that Aaron make an appointment for a referral for genetic testing.

He is evasive and anxious under her constant pressure.

Ruby Milligan (Beth Cordingley) overhears a conversation about the BRCA2 genetic defect from the gossiping Dingles in The Woolpack and insists Caleb tell him what it is.

Dingle and the others watch as an argument breaks out, with Chas hoping for an opening.

Ruby and Caleb’s argument quickly escalates, prompting Cain to intervene.

Caleb therefore tries to move the discussion outside, but Ruby remains adamant.

The confrontation ended with a knee to the groin from Kane, which shocked Dingles all over.

How will Cain react?

As the argument continues, Chas remains in the back room, supported by female friends and family.

The group talks about her cancer and how catching the lump early gives her the best chance.

But could there be a devastating turn of events for another member of the Dingle family?

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Will Aaron follow his mother’s advice?

Aaron and Chas’ relationship has never been good, but after learning that Chas is battling cancer, troublemaker Aaron seems to be trying to improve things with the help of his mother.

Elsewhere, Caleb Milligan has to deal with intense scrutiny from the Dingles family after his wife Ruby exposes his affair with Tracy Robinson, one half of his nephew Nate.

Last week Ruby shed light on Belle Dingle and Tom King’s illicit romance during their wedding reception.

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Could she have softened her heart after learning what Caleb could face?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

Chas receives support from the women of the Dingle family.


Chas receives support from the women of the Dingle family.Credit: iTV
But Aaron is distressed by his mother's news.


But Aaron is distressed by his mother’s news.Credit: ITV

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