Claire Foy explains why she decided to return for the final scene of ‘The Crown’

Claire Foy explains why she decided to return for the final scene of ‘The Crown’

Claire Foy gave some insight into her decision to make a surprise return. crown in season 5.

The actor played the young Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of the Netflix drama, which was based on royal life during her 70-year reign.

To show the passage of time in the series, the characters “age” and are played by different actors as the show continues.

After Foy, Olivia Colman played the Queen in seasons 3 and 4. She was then succeeded by Imelda Staunton in season 5.

Foy’s time on the show ended at the end of Season 2, but fans were delighted when she appeared in the latest episode released in November.

As Season 5 begins, Foy appears in a flashback scene showing the late Queen’s visit to Clydebank in 1953 to launch the Royal Yacht Britannia.

during her performance graham norton show On Friday (October 27), the actor spoke about why she decided to step back into the role, briefly explaining that she’s a fan of Stanton.

“It’s so nice and I love Imelda,” she explained to Norton and the audience.

Claire Foy in ‘The Crown’ Season 5


Actors who have appeared in films nominated for Best Picture women’s storypreviously talked about her cameo crown American morning show live with kelly and ryan in December.

After describing the process of re-entering the set as “weird”, Foy questioned whether the other cast members treated her with “respect” as she was the first person to play a queen on the show. Kelly Ripa’s question has been shut down.

“No,” she replied. “I hope. It would have been great.”

graham norton show It will air on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Friday 27th January at 10:40pm.

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