Corrie legend Julie Goodyear’s friend gives update on her battle with dementia


It’s been a while since we’ve had an update on the health of soap opera star Julie Goodyear, who went public with her dementia diagnosis in 2023.

Now one of her close friends has revealed she’s doing well and has no plans to ditch the distinctive look of her Coronation Street alter ego Bet Lynch.

Corrie legend Julie Goodyear revealed dementia diagnosis in 2023


Corrie legend Julie Goodyear revealed dementia diagnosis in 2023Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Julie's husband Scott Brand launched his latest campaign with the Alzheimer's Association in March.


Julie’s husband Scott Brand launched his latest campaign with the Alzheimer’s Association in March.Credit: Thousand Word Media/Antony Thompson

Here’s the story from her friend, the writer Mark Llewellyn.

He is the partner of the late Corrie actor Roy Barraclough, who played Julie’s husband Alec Gilroy in the film.

Speaking about the retired actress on the Conversation Street podcast, Mark said: “Julie has had a really good life.

“The good news is that she still loves leopard print.

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“I see her at least once a week, sometimes twice a week, spend a few hours together and have afternoon tea at her house, which I call Leopard Print Boulevard.

“She is very happy and goes out regularly.

“On Sundays I’ll buy her chocolate cake and we’ll all eat it, but to be honest, she won’t let me have the cake.

“She’s doing well. She clearly has dementia, as we all know. But it would be wrong to say she suffers from dementia. She’s living with it.”

“It changes what you can do and how you look at life.

“I think Julie was very brave and strong about that.”

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Julie’s husband, Scott Brand, revealed her diagnosis in June last year in the hopes of inspiring others facing similar challenges.

It also raises awareness of organisations such as the Alzheimer’s Society, with both Julie and Scott helping to launch the society’s latest campaign in March.

Mark added: “They had always wanted to make Julie’s dementia public because they thought it might help other people in a similar situation to know there was someone like Julie in their life.”

“She received thousands of letters.”

Jim James Time, Kids

James Norton’s new TV role is very different from his role as a serial killer in Happy Valley.

He’s the latest celebrity to snuggle up in the CBeebies Bedtime Stories chair and can be seen here for the first time cuddling his teddy bear.

James Norton is the latest celebrity reader for CBeebies Bedtime Stories


James Norton is the latest celebrity reader for CBeebies Bedtime StoriesCredit: BBC

The actor, who has diabetes himself, will be narrating the story “How to Handle a Mammoth” this Friday to raise awareness about diabetes.

In this story, a young boy named Jake recreates his diabetes as a woolly mammoth named Mel.

Jake, his mom, and friends try to figure out how to shrink Mel down to a more manageable size.

James also thinks of his diabetes as a living thing, saying: “My diabetic animal is a big, shaggy dog ​​called Bruce.

“When I first got Bruce he was a puppy, hard to control and always overexcited.

“Now he’s grown up, settled down and very calm. That makes me happy and relaxed.”

James follows stars such as Harry Styles and Tom Hardy in taking the “Bedtime Stories” reign.

Leif was no help.

It’s unlikely that Rafe Spall will get six-pack again anytime soon.

The actor, who lost five stone (23kg) for the 2013 romantic comedy I Give It A Year, admitted that getting fit made his life boring and stopped attracting attention from women.

Rafe Spall won't lose weight again for a role


Rafe Spall won’t lose weight again for a roleCredit: Getty

And he won’t turn to the weight-loss drug Ozempic.

He told Alan Carr on the Life’s A Beach podcast: “There’s this idea that if you have a beautiful body, somehow you’ll be happy.

“But all my problems were exactly the same, they didn’t change my life at all, they just made it more boring.

“Every aspect of my life[the six-pack]. . . The opposite of sexy.

“She didn’t find me attractive in all that fancy gear. It just made me unable to eat pasta.”


David Suchet, who plays the great detective Poirot, is following in Agatha Christie’s footsteps with a new show.

The Star will re-create the author’s 1920s expeditions to Canada, Hawaii, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia in a five-part series.

Travels with Agatha, which will air on Channel 4 later this year.

Billy hits back at BBC

Billy Connolly is at the forefront of celebrities taking part in the BBC’s new documentary film series, In My Own Words.

The actor and comedian looks back on his nearly six-decade career through archival footage of his performances.

Billy Connolly leads cast of new BBC documentary film series 'In My Own Words'


Billy Connolly leads cast of new BBC documentary film series ‘In My Own Words’Credit: Getty

Another episode of the show will feature author Jilly Cooper and the programme aims to explore the minds of some of the UK’s top creatives.

The camera follows stars to find out what and who inspires them.

The five-part series, which will air in the autumn, will also feature artists Alison Rapper and writers Jackie Kaye and Hanif Kureishi.

The BBC’s Suzi Klein said: “This country boasts some of the most creative minds in the world, but opportunities for them are rare.

Get closer to them and discover what sparks their imagination.
“Be prepared for a thought-provoking and often emotional journey.”


RADLEY and Barney Walsh will return for the second series of Gladiators.

The father-son duo will return to present the series later this year, which will be filmed at Sheffield’s Utilita Arena.

Tickets for the studio audience went on sale this week. Apply here Visit

Harriet plays Prime Minister Maggie

Dame Harriet Walter will play former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the upcoming drama, which I exclusively announced last December.

It has not yet been decided which channel it will air on, but it is likely to be on ITV.

Filming is set to begin soon, with the completed series due to air next year.

Lady Harriet has a gift for playing the establishment matriarch.

In the Netflix hit “The Crown,” she played Clementine Churchill, wife of wartime Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

She has played the roles of a queen, a professor and a princess.

However, the actress has only played the Prime Minister once before, in 2021’s Doctor Who.

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