Countdown’s Rachel Riley dazzles Channel 4 viewers in form-fitting dress


COUNTDOWN’s Rachel Riley wowed Channel 4 viewers in a form-fitting dress.

Rachel, 37, returned to the program to direct the letters and words as the two contestants faced off.

Countdown's Rachel dazzled Channel 4 viewers in a form-fitting dress


Countdown’s Rachel dazzled Channel 4 viewers in a form-fitting dress
Rachel wore a pale blue and white striped dress


Rachel wore a pale blue and white striped dress

She looked sensational in a pale blue knitted bodycon dress featuring cream horizontal stripes.

The tight-fitting nature of the clothing and stripes highlighted her stunning figure as she chatted with host Colin Murray and provided the contestants with the letters and numbers of each game.

Colin kicked off the show by discussing the anniversary of the oldest message in a bottle found five years ago.

It was thrown over the side of a German ship in 1886, and Colin asked Rachel what her message would be if it went overboard.

Rachel Riley dazzles Countdown viewers in a low-cut dress and brings her glamor
Rachel Riley dazzles countdown viewers in a striking red mini dress

A football fan replied, “You need something with longevity, right? So I’ll probably write ‘Glory, Glory Man United’.”

But her comments came at a particularly sensitive time for Manchester United fans after Sunday’s 7-0 loss to Liverpool.

Countdown viewers couldn’t help but comment, taking to Twitter to write:

Another shared a screenshot of the score, adding, “I wonder how Rachel feels about yesterday.”

Rachel also confirmed the situation on Twitter, writing: “Announcement: Today’s episode of @C4Countdown was filmed before yesterday’s (Anfield) tragedy.

“Today is Remembrance Day in Manchester and I wouldn’t have been able to smile freely with @ColinMurray if it hadn’t been pre-recorded. My thoughts and prayers to all affected.”

Her follower replied, “I knew @RachelRileyRR @ColinMurray was happy with the score. Just kidding you two. That’s the beauty of @C4Countdown.”

Another comment added:

Countdown airs on Channel 4 every weekday at 2:10 pm.

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