Daisy Midgley takes revenge on Bethany Platt on Coronation Street


It’s payback time for Daisy Midgely after Bethany Pratt decided to use her story for financial gain.

Charlotte Jordan plays a Coronation Street barmaid bent on revenge and stoops to her lowest point.

Bethany exploited Daisy and Ryan Connor's relationship for her own personal gain


Bethany exploited Daisy and Ryan Connor’s relationship for her own personal gainCredit: ITV
But Daisy's dastardly deeds return


But Daisy’s dastardly deeds returnCredit: ITV
She plans revenge after reading Bethany's article.


She plans revenge after reading Bethany’s article.Credit: ITV

Cash-strapped Bethany Platt (played by Lucy Fallon) rocked the ITV cobbles earlier this year, rekindling her romance with Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard).

However, money issues become more of a concern and she decides to do everything she can to resolve it, including taking advantage of Daniel and Daisy’s recent separation.

In a recent scene on the Manchester-based show, Bethany came up with an article for Chit Chat Magazine detailing Daisy and Ryan Connor’s affair.

As viewers will recall, this illicit romance happened after a waiter saved her from a disastrous acid attack while she was preparing to marry Daniel.

Bethany and Daniel break up after this article causes an obvious rift between them, but more trouble is on the horizon.

Next week, Daisy is publicly humiliated when her affair hits the front pages, but she becomes determined to win back Bethany, who is known for her sleazy personality.

It all starts when Daniel asks Daisy if she can look after her son Bertie for a few hours. Daisy agrees and she wistfully looks after Daniel.

Daisy confides in Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) that there is still a spark between her and Daniel and that she hopes they get back together.

However, at the Rovers, Rita Tanner’s birthday party is in progress and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare) receives a message and accidentally airdrops it to everyone in the pub.

Daisy’s face falls as she reads, “I had a violent affair with an acid attack hero.”

In a later scene, Daniel apologizes to Daisy for not warning him about the article, but Daisy lightly ignores him.

He then tries to make up with Bethany, but she cuts him to death as well.

Then, after a tough conversation with her editor, Bethany was back to square one.

Furious, Bethany tells her mother, Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), that she was fired because Daisy made a complaint.

Bethany confronts Daisy and accuses her of sabotaging her career.

Daniel is shocked to hear that Daisy has fired Bethany and heads to the scene.

As the argument escalates, Daisy reveals that Lauren Bolton (Kate Fitton) was blackmailing her and Ryan and only asked Daniel to tutor her to increase the pressure, leaving her ex upset.

Lauren learns of Daisy and Ryan’s affair and, having gone through a tragic ordeal herself, is in need of money, and tells them she can buy their silence for a huge sum of money.

But what will Bethany do?

Could a feud with Daisy turn explosive?

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Although the situation is still unknown, Daisy is worried when she returns home.

But when her stepmother Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) reveals that she has a visitor, Daisy is desperate to see Ryan.

Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) has left the Cobblestones with his new girlfriend Crystal Hyde.

The pair fled to Glasgow for a fresh start, but Ryan and Daniel had a heated argument over his relationship with Daisy.

Why would he come back?

Could it be linked to his ex Bethany’s article?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

Daisy then greets visitors


Daisy then greets visitorsCredit: ITV
But she was stunned when Ryan showed up in Weatherfield


But she was stunned when Ryan showed up in WeatherfieldCredit: ITV

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