Danny Menzies, ‘A Place in the Sun’ star sparks concern as he gives update on emergency trip to hospital


Former “A Place in the Sun” star Danny Menzies recently left fans worried after sharing a worrying post about a trip to hospital.

In a social media post from his hospital bed, Menzies, 36, revealed he had to spend the night in the emergency room.

The presenter was wearing a face mask, a hospital tag on his hand and appeared to be in tears.

“Wow, it just happened that I ended up spending Tuesday night in the hospital!” she wrote in an Instagram post.

“I was really happy to come back today and feel better. [muscle arm emoji]”

The presenter returned to work on Heart Radio Scotland alongside co-star Des Clark on Thursday but admitted he was still “unwell”.

She apologized for having a sore throat during the radio show and appeared to be in good spirits.

“On the show it sounded like I smoked 60 cigarettes a day,” she began, before adding, “Sorry, I was a little sick, but we made it!”

She also revealed her busy schedule, but fans were quick to express concern for the former real estate expert.

She posted a behind the scenes video showing what she was up to at work and wrote underneath the video: “Spending the morning with @heartscotland. This group works so hard and I love them all… as much as they love Kinky.” [pet dog]”

“Why did you go to the hospital? Are you OK?” one concerned fan asked the presenter.

Meanwhile, others also praised the presenter’s looks and her cute dog.

“What a beautiful relationship with your little soulmate,” a second comment read.

“Beautiful,” another commented, while another shared, “Kinky is adorable.”

Danny Menzies

Menzies explained that he spent the night in hospital.


“Love it,” another user commented excitedly, adding a heart emoji.

Menzies has previously spoken about his departure from Channel 4’s A Place in the Sun.

Speaking to the Express earlier this year, she said: “To be honest, I decided to move forward for a few reasons.

“I found that if you travel a lot, it’s harder to build relationships. I also worked in the same job for six years and traveled a lot, which was a really great experience. I went to a lot of great places and met a lot of great people.”

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