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Deep Stone Crypt raid guide - Destiny 2

An entire Deep Stone Crypt raid information, the raid added to Future 2 with Past Gentle and Season of the Hunt.

Future 2 gamers on the lookout for a Deep Stone Crypt raid information ought to look no additional. Included with Past Gentle and Season of the Hunt, the Deep Stone Crypt challenges gamers to battle into an space beneath Europa and forestall the Fallen from enacting their plan.

This Deep Stone Crypt raid information was lasted up to date on November 21, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. PT / 6:00 p.m. ET.

  1. Pike & Sparrow
  2. Crypt Safety
  3. Atraks-1
  4. Descent
  5. Taniks, the Abomination

Deep Stone Crypt raid information

destiny 2 deep stone crypt raid
The Deep Stone Crypt raid has a beneficial Energy of 1220 for the primary encounter. The final encounter reaches 1250 Energy.

Happening on Europa, the Deep Stone Crypt is Future 2’s eighth raid. Although it solely has a handful of encounters, this raid has a couple of mechanics that can make first-attempts fairly tough. Earlier than you head in, the beneficial Energy is 1220 with the ultimate battle reaching 1250. The nearer you might be to max Energy the better it will likely be.

Advisable weapons – Deep Stone Crypt

destiny 2 deep stone crypt recommended weapons
Xenophage stays a wonderful selection for dealing plenty of DPS, particularly within the first encounter of the Deep Stone Crypt raid.

With Past Gentle and Season of the Hunt, the weapon meta has shifted significantly. Fan-favorite weapons have been sundown and new Legendary weapons are making a reputation for themselves. This has resulted in lots of weapons being each viable and unviable for raid encounters.

For the Deep Stone Crypt, it’s value discovering a Heavy Machine Gun you’re comfy utilizing. Whether or not that is Inheritor Obvious, the brand new Thermal Erosion, or one thing like Xenophage is completely private choice.

The opposite forms of weapons ought to be people who make the most of the seasonal artifact’s Overload, Anti-Barrier, and Unstoppable mods.

Pike & Sparrow half – Desolation

The primary encounter within the Deep Stone Crypt is a Pike part (although Sparrows can be utilized). For this part, the aim is to work from bubble to bubble to keep away from the storm, working over icebergs to succeed in the tip.

Every bubble gives a buff known as Shelter from the Storm and whereas outdoors of a bubble the storm applies the Frostbite debuff. A participant will die if the Frostbite debuff reaches 10 stacks. Whereas inside these bubbles, Fallen will assault. A Fallen Brig will assault the ultimate protected level.

Disable Crypt Safety – Restricted

The primary actual encounter of Deep Stone Crypt is the Crypt Safety. For this part, the aim is to make use of the Scanner and Operator buffs to decrease the shielding of the central fuse tubes, permitting harm to be dealt. Use the Increase stations to start out the battle.

  1. Purchase Scanner and Operator buffs
  2. Scanner seems by means of ground and calls out panels, transfers buff
  3. Operator shoots all 4 panels
  4. Scanner buff handed to the Operator that’s beneath
  5. New Scanner calls out which tube fuses to shoot

The sector is break up into a light-weight aspect and darkish aspect in addition to an higher and decrease degree. Either side has an Increase station, which is used to switch the Operator and Scanner buffs.

Have two gamers on the sunshine aspect and two on the appropriate, with two different gamers beneath. The gamers on the sunshine and darkish aspect are answerable for wanting by means of the ground and calling out which panel is the proper one for the gamers beneath to shoot.

Beginning the encounter causes Operator Vandals to spawn, which drop the Operator buff when defeated. Seize this buff and switch it utilizing the Increase stations to the gamers that shall be beneath. One participant must also have the Scanner buff at this level.

The Scanner ought to look by means of the ground and name out which panel must be shot after which cross the Scanner to the other aspect utilizing the Increase station. The subsequent Scanner ought to do the identical.

The Operator must rapidly shoot every of the panels after which cross the Operator buff again up. The Scanners might want to cross the Scanner buff down beneath.

At this level, the Scanner beneath the world will be capable of see which of the six central tube fuses is the proper one to shoot. The opposite 5 gamers ought to destroy the fuse after which transfer to the following one which the Scanner calls. This harm part lasts roughly 60 seconds. When the tubes’ shielding lowers, the harm part is over and the steps ought to be repeated.

All through the battle, Overload Captains shall be spawning as will Sentinel Servitors that disable the Increase stations. Coping with the Servitors ought to be a prime precedence. Throughout the harm part, Exploder Shanks will spawn, so be conscious of them to keep away from a crew wipe.

When all six tube fuses are destroyed, the encounter is over. Declare your reward from the chest close to the door.

Atraks-1, Fallen Exo – Readability Management

The subsequent main encounter within the Deep Stone Crypt raid is in opposition to Atraks-1, Fallen Exo. This encounter focuses on dealing harm to Atraks-1 Replicants, ejecting debuffs into house, and using the Scanner and Operator buffs.

  1. Defeat Vandal and declare Operator buff, three gamers go into house
  2. House crew defeats Vandal and claims Scanner buff, defeats Sentinel Servitors
  3. Scanner calls out appropriate Atraks-1 Replicant, it will get destroyed
  4. Replication debuff is collected, Operator can shoot participant to cycle debuff
  5. Cross the Scanner/Operator buffs all the way down to the non-space gamers as essential, they do as above
  6. When all 4 Replication debuffs are collected, 4 gamers go into an airlock and Operator shoots them
  7. Repeat

Very similar to the primary encounter, the Atraks-1 battle is break up into two distinct sections, an area station and the Crypt. The house station has a number of airlocks that are used to eject the Atraks-1 Replication debuff into house.

With a view to get the Atraks-1 Replication debuff, gamers should defeat the proper Atraks-1 Replicant. The proper one is noticed by the participant that collects the Scanner buff. The fitting one could have a glowing sample in entrance of it.

The Atraks-1 Replication debuff lasts 40 seconds, after which it kills the participant. An Operator can shoot the participant to cycle the debuff, refreshing the timer.

When 4 Atraks-1 Replicants have been defeated and the Replication debuff collected, these 4 gamers want to enter an airlock (opened by an Operator) and shot by the Operator to eject the debuff into house.

The harm part is ongoing. Each appropriate Atraks-1 Replicant that’s defeated removes a portion of the boss well being bar. The Atraks-1 Replicant could be broken even after it disappears, use this to your benefit.

The ultimate notch of the boss well being bar is a condensed model of the battle. Every Atraks-1 Replicant will provoke a wipe mechanic, kill them within the appropriate order (as known as out by the Scanner) to get the final notch of well being down.


Below development…

Taniks, the Abomination

Below development…

The Deep Stone Crypt raid is a demanding exercise that requires plenty of teamwork and communication. By utilising this Deep Stone Crypt raid information, you must have the instruments essential to finish every encounter, defeat Taniks, and uncover what secrets and techniques lie beneath (and above) Europa. Ensure you take a look at the Shacknews Future 2 full technique information for much more raid guides and different worthwhile sources.

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