Duchess Meghan ‘acted like a child’ during Netflix shoot, says expert


A body language expert has claimed that Meghan “acted like a small child asking for cuddles” as she appeared “intensely affectionate” with Nacho Figueres’ family during a Netflix shoot yesterday.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were spotted in Palm Beach with Nacho Figueres and his wife Delfina. Prince Harry was there filming scenes for his upcoming polo-themed Netflix series.

During the shoot, Meghan was also seen warmly embracing Harry’s wife Delfina, a polo player friend of Harry’s who previously called Meghan his “sister,” and their 8-year-old daughter Alba.

In an interview with FEMAIL, body language expert Judy James spoke about how Meghan showed “oneness” with Delfina as she was photographed walking away arm-in-arm with her. Ta.

She asked: “Meghan approached Nacho’s wife with her arms outstretched for a hug.

Meghan was spotted hugging a woman believed to be Delfina Blaquier during a Netflix shoot in Palm Beach yesterday.

“This gesture is very affectionate because it’s an intentional or declarative gesture, imitating a small child who wants to be held by its parents.”

Additionally, Judy said the way the women walked together also provided insight into their very close relationships.

The expert further added, “While walking together, the two women tilt their heads to touch. The closeness of their heads is a sign of trust and also a symbol of unity and like-mindedness.

“Their arms are wrapped around each other’s torsos, perfectly aligned despite their height difference.” They look as if they’ve been best friends for years. ”

In addition to this, experts also noted that it is unusual that the expressions of warmth that Meghan has shown towards the couple and their children coincided with the news that she is working on a new Netflix series about friendship. He also pointed out that.

Judy said, “Meghan’s body language towards the Figueres family seems to be all about the nonverbal definition of friendship, which is said to be one of the themes of her Netflix show.” Considering that, this is completely coincidental.”

“I’ve never seen Meghan with such a perfectly tactile, unconditionally warm expression before, but she also reveals her hidden side, which is so fitting for her new subject matter. It shows the “private” side. ”

However, Meghan’s warm body language during these interactions was the result of a “slowly building” affection.

Duchess Meghan showed ‘slow affection’ to polo player Nacho Figueras, body language expert claims
Meghan Markle, pictured with a woman wearing a hat believed to be Delfina Blaquier, comes a day after she was ridiculed for her impractical on-field attire at a charity polo match in Miami, Florida. She traded in her stilettos for $760 Hermès flip-flops and crisp linens.
Later that day, Meghan was seen cradling the couple’s eight-year-old daughter Alba (pictured).

The expert said: “Meghan has always shown an ability to use tactile and affectionate PDA, both with her husband and in the causes she supports, but here she walks with Nacho’s wife. “His embrace with his young daughter suggests some level of friendship.” That usually only comes with time and slowly built affection.

“Meghan’s embrace of Nacho’s daughter was also warm and affectionate. She wraps the little girl in her arms, giving the appearance of an extended hug, and adds a kiss on the head to suggest affection.”

2022, Delfina In an interview, he praised Duchess Meghan, saying she was “stronger than I think.” Hello!magazine.

Delfina said this after a glitzy polo tournament in Aspen, Colorado in 2022.[Meghan] It’s very nice and strong. She’s stronger than she knows. I love being with her friends and always support her. ”

In the summer of 2022, Delfina shared a loving message about the Duchess of Sussex on her social media accounts, saying it was “so special” to spend time together.

Delfina posted a snap of the two of them standing watching her husband compete at the Santa Barbara Polo and Racquet Club, writing: “Looking forward to many more moments with M and H.” I spelled it out.

“Spending time together these past two months has been so special. I wish everyone could know you for who you are.”

She went on to say: “Sister, now my fellow “wife” (polo wife), you are a genius for coming up with this. I can’t wait to see you again soon to share thrills, hikes, and more relaxing moments. ”

Delfina added, “I respect you too.” Please continue to walk strong and strong. Listen to your heart, it will guide you well, because you have a big heart and it is a beautiful thing. I love you darling. ‘

Delfina first met her husband Nacho at a polo match in Buenos Aires in 1997. The two began dating in early 1998, had their first son in 2000, and married in December 2005.

The couple currently have four children. Aurora; Artemo; and Alba.

Described by Tatler as the “David Beckham of polo,” Nacho currently has a six-goal handicap and an estimated net worth of $30 million, and has modeled for Ralph Lauren since 2000.

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