Emmerdale’s Nate Robinson takes devastating revenge on cheating wife Tracy


Nate Robinson exacted devastating revenge on cheating wife Tracy on Emmerdale tonight.

The farmer, played by actor Jurrell Carter in the ITV drama, discovered last night that his wife Tracy had been having an affair before they split.

Nate took his daughter Frankie away from her cheating mother Tracy


Nate took his daughter Frankie away from her cheating mother TracyCredit: ITV

At Belle and Tom’s wedding, Caleb Milligan’s wife Ruby takes revenge on him by revealing their affair to the entire family.

Nate was temporarily living with Kane and Moira, and told them that he wanted his child to live with him full-time now.

So he takes action, returns to the cottage, and begins packing up the rest of his and Frankie’s belongings.

Giving Tracy the keys back, Nate continues until Tracy asks what he’s doing.

“I’ll take Frankie’s stuff. She’s coming to live with me,” he told her.

“I don’t have a say after what I’ve done. I’m sorry, what can I say? I don’t want to hear it.”

Tracy tried to get him to listen to her, but Nate pointed out that she did the exact same thing after he cheated on her.

“I will not lose my daughter again because of your affair with my uncle,” he growled.

When Vanessa, who has returned with Frankie, demands to know what’s going on, he tells her, “I’m not going to risk her running away with her child again.”

Tracy Robinson ends marriage to Nate in emotional Emmerdale scene – just before first break

Tracy decides to let Frankie go and spend the night with Nate, but he quickly tries to set her straight.

“What Mommy wants to say is that you’re going to live with Daddy now,” he said, looking back at Tracy.

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he said to her: “There’s nothing to talk about right now. Our daughter lives with me. I’ll see you in court.”

Tracy is completely devastated, but will she be able to get her daughter back?

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