Gorka Marquez and Karen Hauer team up for new show to tell exciting baby news

Gorka Marquez and Karen Hauer team up for new show to tell exciting baby news

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in an exclusive interview and photo shoot with Hello! magazine, strict come dancingof Karen Hauer When Gorka Marquez reveals the secrets of their close friendship as they prepare for their UK tour. fire dance – and Gorkha describes how he feels “so blessed” Gorka is going to be a dad again.

Gorka, who joined, saying, “We hit it off from the first day.”Strictly‘In 2016, says Hello!“Karen was one of the first dancers to help me and support me. Did.”

“We understand each other’s abilities and strengths,” says Karen. “We always try to have fun, too. The fact that we joke around and don’t take ourselves too seriously means we get along just fine.”

Gorka and Karen have become close friends over the years

Of the news that Him and his fiancé, Hits radio host Gemma Atkinson Gorka is expecting a brother for her 3-year-old daughter Mia. Hello!: “We are so blessed. He is our daughter Mia’s little brother and will likely be a future dance partner. She is obsessed with dancing.”

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“To have another baby. Please give me.”

His fire-dancing partner, Karen, lives just 20 minutes from his home in Greater Manchester. her new husband, Jordan Wynne Jones.

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“Jordan loves Gorka and Gemma, so the balance here is great,” says Karen Hello!.

“We all know how difficult it is for Gorka and I to have to work apart for so long. we are away from home.”

I’ve seen Anton du Beque leap fromStrictlyDance floor to jury, do she and Gorka want to follow in his footsteps?

Gemma and Gorka are happier than ever

“I love it 100%. Gorka and I and Anton are perfect,” she said, inspired by the idea, Gorka added: Chair like Craig and Anton and give your opinion. ”

of fire dance, Gorka tells how fans will be amazed at the difference from the BBC show. “Because Karen and I are here StrictlyEveryone thinks they’re going to ballroom dance in long glamorous, glittery, lustrous sequined dresses,” he says.

“But we created the opposite. All the dances have fire, passion and energy, and they bring a lot to the show from the Latin culture we grew up in.”

The Firedance tour begins on February 23rd and ends on April 1st.

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