Harry Potter star Warwick Davies’ wife dies at 53 after battling sepsis


Warwick Davis’ wife Samantha Davis has sadly passed away at the age of 53 from sepsis.

Samantha had achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes disproportionate dwarfism.

Warrick described his wife as his


Warrick described his wife as his “soulmate”Credit: Instagram
Warwick and Samantha married in June 1991


Warwick and Samantha married in June 1991Credit: Rex
Warrick and Samantha have two children, Annabelle and Harrison.


Warrick and Samantha have two children, Annabelle and Harrison.Credit: Getty – Contributor
The two met on a movie set and started dating when they were 17 and 16 years old.


The two met on a movie set and started dating when they were 17 and 16 years old.Credit: getty

Samantha Davis was born on January 30, 1971 as Samantha D. Burroughs.

The actress is known for her roles in Through the Dragon’s Eye, Shortfellows, and Honky Sausage.

incredible love story

She met Warwick when he was just 17 years old and had already starred as Ewok Wicket in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi.

He then landed the lead role in Willow opposite Val Kilmer, and Samantha was co-star Peter Burrows’ 16-year-old daughter.

She secured a role as an extra in the film and the two quickly fell in love and dated for four years before marrying in 1991.

In a heartwarming birthday message, Sam previously praised her husband for being “beautiful inside and out” and highlighted their unique romance.

She wrote: “You are the bravest, most caring and sensitive person I know.

“You amaze us all every day with your courage and strength. I will love you month after month. Always and forever yours.”

To mark her birthday, Mr Warwick also tweeted a tribute to his “beautiful wife”.

He added: “I so admire the way she faces life’s challenges with dignity, energy and courage. She is an inspiration.”

“You can become stronger just by doing things like that.”

Samantha left behind two children with Warwick, and both followed their parents into the acting world.

Warwick was born with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (SED), an extremely rare genetic form of dwarfism. This is passed down to both her daughter Annabelle and her son Harrison.

Their father previously spoke movingly of how both his and Samantha’s conditions combined to cause both babies to die.

The first, Mr Lloyd, sadly passed away after nine days as his lungs were too small to maintain normal function.

What is sepsis?

Typically, when a person sustains a minor cut, the area around the wound becomes red, swollen, and warm to the touch.

This is evidence that the body’s immune system is kicking in and releasing white blood cells to the injured area to kill the bacteria that causes the infection.

White blood cells and platelets form a blood clot in the tissue surrounding the cut.

Blood vessels dilate to allow more blood to flow through them, making them leaky and allowing infection-fighting cells to enter needed tissues from the blood.

This causes inflammation, which appears in our eyes as a red, warm swelling.

When sepsis occurs, this system goes into overdrive.

Inflammation that is usually seen around a small cut spreads throughout the body, affecting healthy tissues and organs.

The body’s defense mechanism, the immune system, overreacts and attacks the body.

It can cause organ failure and septic shock, which can be fatal.

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites can all cause sepsis, but bacteria are the most dangerous culprits.

In developing countries, this condition remains a leading cause of death.

Sepsis, colloquially known as “sepsis,” is also known as “the disease that eats people.”

They also lost another son, George, when Samantha was 19 weeks pregnant.

“Before Annabelle and Harrison were born, we had a boy named Lloyd who inherited both of our symptoms…and it turned out to be fatal,” he said. He told Bear Grylls on a 2019 TV special.

“There’s no way a baby would survive. But Lloyd survived for nine days. But he was certainly beautiful.”

“It was a difficult time. And I also had a stillbirth.”

Warrick claimed the tragedy brought him closer to his wife, saying: “Things like that make you stronger.”

A lifelong battle with health

Mr Warwick previously opened up about his wife’s health after being rushed to hospital. In 2018, he was hospitalized with sepsis.

The actor told The Sun that his health had taken a dramatic turn for the worse ahead of a family caravan holiday.

Years later, he spoke of the horror, saying, “The next few hours were the longest of my life, waiting for a room with my children in the empty space left next to Sam’s hospital bed.”

“I didn’t want it to represent our future without her.”

What are the signs of sepsis that should never be ignored?

You should suspect sepsis if you, a loved one, or a medical professional, the patient feels “severely ill,” doesn’t look like themselves, and shows any of the following symptoms:

– decreased appetite
– Fever and chills
– thirst
– Difficulty or rapid breathing
– Fast heart rate
– Low blood pressure
– low urine output

If a person is suffering from these symptoms and thinks they have an infection, such as pneumonia, an abdominal infection, a urinary tract infection, or a wound, sepsis may be the cause.

Sam underwent many surgeries during his life due to his illness.

It is believed she suffered from sepsis after spinal decompression surgery.

Samantha previously said: “When I got home a week later, I suddenly couldn’t feel my legs. I went to bed thinking I was still recovering from the surgery, but the next day I felt awful, like I’d been punched.” he said. In the truck.

“I stayed in bed all day while Warwick and Harrison went to a family party, and when I woke up at 4am the next morning, I felt even worse.

“As the day went on, I couldn’t concentrate, so I laid down on the couch, and when I tried to stand up, I collapsed on the floor.”

Meanwhile, Mr Warwick, co-founder of the charity Little People UK, has frequently spoken out about health issues related to his and his wife’s illness.

He told the Guardian in 2015: But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

“It’s going to get worse. You could end up with a cleft palate, hearing loss, or you could end up in a wheelchair.”

Diagnosed with SED at birth, Warwick’s parents were told he would never walk again and would die by the time he was a teenager.

The star endured painful surgeries on his legs and feet throughout his childhood.

“As you get older, it gets worse,” he said. “My hip is dislocated. My knee is very painful.

“There’s a risk of retinal detachment, but we know the signs. And yeah, you wake up, your alarm goes off, and it takes a good 30 minutes to get going. We’re both like, ‘Wow.’ It feels like it. Imagine every day the worst flu you’ve ever had. It’s like that. ”

Samantha’s conflict

  • Samantha and Warwick lost baby Lloyd in 1991 at just nine days old due to complications caused by dwarfism, which he inherited from his parents.
  • The couple lost their second child in 1993 when Samantha miscarried at 20 weeks old, and they named the baby George.
  • Samantha suffered two more miscarriages before giving birth to Annabelle and Harrison.
  • The actress underwent multiple surgeries during her life due to Samantha’s achondroplasia, a bone growth disorder that causes disproportionate dwarfism.
  • In 2019, she suffered complications after spinal decompression surgery and was rushed to the hospital.
  • She had life-threatening sepsis and Warrick was preparing to say goodbye.
  • The infection causes the body’s immune system to go into overdrive, attacking tissues and organs, which can be fatal and lead to amputation.
  • Sam survived, but he could have lost a finger, toe or limb if the medical team hadn’t acted quickly.
  • After leaving the hospital, Warwick spent three months “playing doctor”, mixing vials of antibiotics, putting them in syringes and carefully administering them into Sam’s heart via an IV.
  • In March 2024, it was announced that Samantha had sadly passed away due to sepsis.
Annabelle and Harrison followed their parents into the acting world


Annabelle and Harrison followed their parents into the acting worldCredit: Getty
Warwick previously revealed he almost lost Samantha to sepsis in 2018.


Warwick previously revealed he almost lost Samantha to sepsis in 2018.Credit: Getty
Close-knit family shares health struggle


Close-knit family shares health struggleCredit: Getty – Contributor

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