Helen Skelton walks in the park with a giant dog made from 300 mop heads


HELEN Skelton was spotted walking a giant ‘dog’ made from a mop head.

Mop, an animatronic Hungarian sheepdog spotted in London’s Battersea Park, is 3 meters long and 2 meters tall.

Helen Skelton was spotted walking a giant 'dog' made from a mop head


Helen Skelton was spotted walking a giant ‘dog’ made from a mop headCredit: Joe Pepler/PinPep
animatronic hungarian sheepdog


animatronic hungarian sheepdogCredit: SWNS
'Mop' was spotted in London's Battersea Park


‘Mop’ was spotted in London’s Battersea ParkCredit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

It moves its head from side to side and trembles, but it’s made from 300 old mop heads.

Passersby, including those walking real puppies, had to back away quickly when the mop needed to brush the mud off the walk.

The product, which took more than 2,000 hours to complete, was discovered in a study of 2,000 adults who spent an average of 12 days a year, or 1. The announcement comes after it was revealed that the average person spends 46 minutes a day. Finish it off in the dryer or pair it with socks.

The survey, commissioned by Bosch to celebrate the launch of the Unlimited 7 Aqua, found that 26 percent of parents said they were more likely to clean up after their child made a mess, such as picking up food that fell on the floor after a meal or wiping up muddy footprints. It has also been found that they dislike it.

The same percentage of dog and cat owners said the same about their pets.

TV presenter Helen Skelton said: “I’m used to mud building up in the house. We love being outside, but it’s hard to get mud all over the house after a long walk. is either a child or a dog.

“I really relate to the fact that Brits feel like they waste time cleaning up. We love them dearly, but they’re dirty.

“I’m really happy to be a part of this campaign that tackles these time-consuming activities and gives parents some of their time back.”

We also found that 35 per cent want to spend less time dusting and polishing, 29 per cent want to vacuum less and a fifth want to mop less. Ta.

Currently, the average adult spends 39 minutes per day, or 10 days a year, cleaning.

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As a result, 61 % of the “dog’s parents” want to be able to clean up as soon as possible and efficiently, in which one -quarter is full of mud to save time to clean up. admits that he sometimes avoids walking his dog.

And these time-consuming tasks leave 53% feeling less productive than they would like, rising to 70% of parents of under-18s and 62% of dog owners.

The top 40 frustrating activities also included cleaning up the kitchen after making a meal, waiting in line to pay at the supermarket, and sitting in traffic.

Data from OnePoll.com shows that 65 percent want to use their time more efficiently and 37 percent try to do something productive when they are doing time-wasting activities. got it.

This could include trying to get some extra chores done while waiting for the kettle to boil, or taking the opportunity for a little ‘thinking’ time while waiting for the microwave to go off. This includes:

The length of the mop is 3 meters and the height is 2 meters


The length of the mop is 3 meters and the height is 2 metersCredit: SWNS
It took more than 2,000 hours to create the giant


It took more than 2,000 hours to create the giant “dog”Credit: SWNS
The average adult spends 39 minutes per day cleaning


The average adult spends 39 minutes per day cleaningCredit: Joe Pepler/PinPep

A spokesperson for Bosch UK, which sent Mop the Dog across the country in April this year, said: ‘We know there’s more to life than cleaning, which is why we offer products that make housework easier. “I want to make it,” he said.

“We believe people should spend less time scrubbing and more time doing things they enjoy, such as spending time with family or playing with their pets.

“We’re really looking forward to taking Mop for walks around the countryside. Not only will he bring a smile to those who see him, but he’ll also demonstrate how easy it is to avoid wasting time every day. It’s for this reason.”

Top 40 time-consuming activities:

The average adult spends 39 minutes per day cleaning

  1. Cleaning up the kitchen after cooking a meal
  2. stand in line at the checkout line at the supermarket
  3. sitting in a traffic jam
  4. put away the washed dishes
  5. waiting for the pot to boil
  6. Delete spam email
  7. Waiting for washer/dryer to finish
  8. Waiting for delivery to arrive
  9. clean up after yourself
  10. call is on hold
  11. waiting for the microwave to go off
  12. Scroll through online streaming services like Netflix to find what you want to watch
  13. Match socks from a load of clean laundry
  14. Waiting for device software update
  15. Cleaning up after your pet
  16. Pack your bags while grocery shopping
  17. waiting at the bus stop
  18. Clean up after your partner
  19. Waiting for the tea bag to brew
  20. Cleaning glasses with a shirt on without using lens cleaner is not effective
  21. I’m awake but waiting for the alarm clock to go off
  22. Update email when waiting for a specific reply
  23. Waiting for car to be de-iced
  24. Waiting for someone to use the toilet at home when they are in the bathroom
  25. Send an email instead of picking up the phone
  26. When waiting at a train or subway station
  27. cleaning up after kids
  28. Waiting for the children to get changed
  29. Waiting for a video call to be joined by others
  30. I’m waiting at the airport
  31. I’m waiting for the children to go to bed.
  32. Waiting to use public toilet
  33. Listen to voicemails and voice memos from friends and family
  34. Waiting for the kids to come home from school at the end of the day
  35. Waiting in line at a bank to talk to someone instead of using a machine
  36. Wait for your dog to calm down after the walk
  37. Waiting for car MOT or service in garage
  38. After school activities await children
  39. Waiting in virtual queue for online tickets
  40. Waiting for the dog to get tired of picking up the ball
Mop the Dog will be dispatched nationwide in April this year.


Mop the Dog will be dispatched nationwide in April this year.Credit: SWNS
Move or shake your head from side to side


Move or shake your head from side to sideCredit: SWNS

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