Huge music star to shoot tell-all documentary for Disney+ after shocking love breakup


Avril Lavigne is making a documentary that looks back on the ups and downs of her 21-year breakout into the music scene.

We just learned that the Sk8er Boi singer is making a movie for the streaming service Disney+. The film takes a deep dive into how she succeeded in the industry.

Avril Lavigne pictured with Tyga is making a tell-all documentary


Avril Lavigne pictured with Tyga is making a tell-all documentaryCredit: Getty

Produced by James Corden’s production company, Fullwell 73.

The film also puts a magnifying glass on her eventful love life, which saw her marry and divorce Sum 41’s Derrick Whibley and Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger.

She’s been filming for the project for the past few weeks, which could include the recent breakdown of her engagement to singer Mod Sun, as well as a new romance with Tyga on the rise.

She was spotted alongside the rapper at Paris Fashion Week this month.

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How old is Avril Lavigne and when was she diagnosed with Lyme disease?

A source said:

“She talks more about her life in movies and how she got her break in music. Some of her showbiz pals also appear in movies talking about her.

“Avril was a teenager when she released her hit debut album, so her career was really interesting. There’s a lot to talk about.”

Since his debut in 2006, Avril has had seven Top 10 singles, including “I’m With You,” “Girlfriend,” and “Complicated,” and has released seven albums.

The documentary also covers two years from 2014, when she was bedridden with bacterial infection Lyme disease.

Next month she will begin her long-delayed European tour. This includes her three sold-out shows in London, her first in the UK since 2011.

Some of these gigs are recorded for use in the documentary.

No release date has been set, but it is likely to be released later this year.

New music is also on the way, all aimed at Avril.

Example doppelgirl

An example is finding love with a woman who is the dead ringer of his ex-wife five months after announcing their divorce.

The Kickstarts singer is dating a London art advisor called Daisy Cox, who lives with him in Australia.

An example posted this photo with new love Daisy Cox and ex Erin McNaught


An example posted this photo with new love Daisy Cox and ex Erin McNaught

Oddly enough, his new girl is also close friends with former Australian model Erin McNaught, whom he was married to from 2013 to 2022.

Alongside photos with Daisy and Erin (left to right), he wrote on Instagram yesterday, . . we are still best friends.

“This is us with our partners for the weekend.

“We’re all focused on being positive, respectful adults and ensuring our kids are happy. That’s all that matters.”

Example, who has two sons with an ex-boyfriend, will travel to England this summer for a series of festival shows, including Creamfields South in Chelmsford and the Isle of Wight Festival.

He’s also planning a tour here in 2024.

With a glamorous young lady on your arm, you will definitely enjoy it even more.

Noel Gallagher has revealed that some songs on his new album ‘Council Skies’ sound like Oasis.

The High Flying Birds frontman said of the record:

Noel Gallagher Reveals Songs From New Album 'Council Skies Sound Like Oasis'


Noel Gallagher Reveals Songs From New Album ‘Council Skies Sound Like Oasis’Credit: Getty

“Maybe Easy Now may sound pretty oasis, but the song has a certain ups and downs mood.

“I think this is my fourth studio album and it contains everything I’ve done in the last 13 years.”

Noel added to the Mojo mag: People want you to rewrite his f***ing Don’t Look Back In Anger 14 times on the album. “

Diplo reveals she’s attracted to both men and women but says she doesn’t want to ‘define’ herself

DJ said she has men she can “date” but that she’s “not that excited about men.”

He explains:

Diplo, who has three children with beauty queen Jevon King and was previously dating Katy Perry and MIA, says he’s “more of a vibe guy.”

In a discussion on the High Low podcast, Emily Ratajkowski was asked if she was interested in “vibe more than gender,” adding, “Yeah.”

On the bright side, Chrissy

CHRISSY TEIGEN was like the sun shining on the red carpet in this dress.

She wore an eye-catching frock to the Planned Parenthood benefits gala in NYC and was riding solo without her singer husband, John Legend.

Chrissy Teigen wore this bright dress while smiling on the red carpet.


Chrissy Teigen wore this bright dress while smiling on the red carpet.Credit: Mega Agency

The model has had a busy year since giving birth to daughter Estee two months ago.

But she’s found plenty of time to let her hair down, and Monday’s bash was her second night at the Trot.

On Sunday, she was on the other side of the US attending Vanity Fair’s Oscar viewing party in Los Angeles.

She had a special trick for spending time with John at the event.

Chrissy brought a pack of Uno cards to the bash and was spotted playing games with people at her table.

If a ticket to a Vanity Fair afterparty cost £20,000, you’d think she’d made the most of it.

elton holiday belter

Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour was scheduled to last three years but has been extended to five years.

So I don’t blame the hitmaker for planning the most extravagant holiday ever to celebrate the end of the concert’s worldwide run before finally returning to the studio.

Sir Elton John's Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour spanned five years


Sir Elton John’s Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour spanned five yearsCredit: Getty

Erto has revealed that he will be heading out on a no-spending vacation with husband David Furnish and sons Zachary and Elijah as soon as he finishes his 329-day tour this summer.

he said:

“But I haven’t thought about who to team up with yet.

“I stopped touring so I have more time.”

Elton will be taking a mammoth tour back to the UK in a few weeks, starting with two nights in Liverpool.

Their final home show will be headlining Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage in June.

Forget about vacations, it will be the good scrub you need after a trip to Somerset’s infamously rainy and muddy Worthy Farm.

universal appeal

George Ezra @ The O2 Arena in London

Few pop stars can truly appeal to fans ages 8 to 80, but George Ezra confirmed his universal appeal with a 90-minute back-to-back radio hit on Monday.

A self-proclaimed “unlikely” pop star, he’s kindly guest-edited Bizarre in the past, so I knew all too well what a great guy he was.

George Ezra confirmed his universal appeal with a 90-minute streak of radio hits


George Ezra confirmed his universal appeal with a 90-minute streak of radio hitsCredit: Getty

But I was unprepared for how polished and stylish his headliner arena tour would be.

The classy band, complete with a brass section, beautifully ties mellower moments together in the understated style of a retro speakeasy, while George sings songs like the anthemic shotgun, summer favourite, Green Greengrass, and early smash Paradise. I raised the roof with long bangers.

Tracks from his latest record, such as the title track “Gold Rush Kid” and the beautiful ballad “Sweetest Human Being Alive,” were as well-received by fans as his greatest commercial successes, and were the set’s biggest hits. The section inspired 16,000 strong singing voices.

In between songs, charming, lighthearted chat intertwines with virtuoso musicianship and smiles, while striking visuals include a series of lighting props that help create an intimate atmosphere in the cavernous venue. They are intertwined.

Now a veteran of major festivals and a firm presence on the arena circuit, George has established himself as one of the most accomplished singer-songwriters without losing his down-to-earth likability. increase. what he does.

Sadly, last night’s second sold-out show at the same venue was postponed 11 hours after the singer fell ill.

They can rest assured, he will be worth the wait.

hit it, liam

Liam Payne is looking to take his music in a new direction after recording a track with singer Sam Pound.

The duo sneaked into a London studio to create vocals for the song.

Liam Payne hit the studio with singer Sam Pound


Liam Payne hit the studio with singer Sam PoundCredit: Instagram

Via his Instagram account, Sam shared this photo of him and Liam in the studio with the caption, “Final touches.”

A source said: “Liam is very excited about the music he has been working on. I feel that

abandoned love islanders
I Took Fluffy Doodles To The Groomer, But He Came Back Like Pennywise

He recently enlisted his best friend and One Direction songwriter Jamie Scott to help him with his musical comeback.

Jamie co-wrote some of the group’s greatest hits, including Drag Me Down and Story of My Life, so he’s in good hands.

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