I love the flawless makeup I bought for $14, but I’m probably using it wrong.


One makeup fan shared the mistakes she makes when shopping for the perfect beauty product.

She said she can’t speak for everyone, but she’s witnessed many people using makeup products incorrectly.

Maddy shared the correct way to use the $14 Elf Halo Glow


Maddy shared the correct way to use the $14 Elf Halo GlowCredit: Tiktok/maddygam

Maddy (@maddygam) shared her beauty tips in a viral TikTok video.

“We’ve been using Elf Halo Glow incorrectly for a long time,” she said.

She explained that she realized that Globe Booster did not live up to the hype for her.

“I kept thinking why I hated it,” she said.

She revealed that she had spent $14. elf halo glow Apply directly to the skin like foundation.

However, the correct technique is to mix the product into your foundation.

To demonstrate the difference this method makes, she demonstrated on half her face.

On one side, I applied foundation mixed with Hello Glow.

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She applied her base makeup with a sponge and was shocked and satisfied with her “super glowing” look.

The other side was dark in comparison, just using Halo Glow on its own.

I’m a beauty fan and tested three Charlotte Tilbury Perfect Filter bargains against the £39 real deal.So can you guess which one is only 3 lbs.

Additionally, she found that Halo Glow itself accentuated the texture of her skin.

“This aspect shows all my flaws,” she said.

Viewers shared different ways to apply Elf Halo Glow.

One commenter said: “I use this first and then apply foundation over it and it feels great.”

I’ve always wondered why I hated it.

Maddie Gum

“I use it with my tinted moisturizer and it looks so gorgeous,” said another.

“I use it mixed with mineral sunscreen as a base and it makes my makeup look perfect,” said a third.

One viewer incorporated this product into their skincare routine as a natural glow booster.

“Mix it with your moisturizer before applying,” she said.

She revealed that adding Halo Glow made her moisturizer less dewy.

Some sources explained that the cult-favorite shade was a camo from a luxury brand.

One commenter said: “Yes, the Charlotte Tilbury Flawless filter scammer. This should also be covered by the Foundation.”

Some people were shocked to learn about the makeup reveal by accident.

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“Oh, that’s why using Hello Glow alone makes blemishes and acne scars look even more noticeable,” said one commenter.

“I realized after using it for the first time. I felt like Edward from Twilight,” joked another.

She demonstrated the correct and incorrect application methods on both sides of the face.


She demonstrated the correct and incorrect application methods on both sides of the face.Credit: Tiktok/maddygam

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