I’m a huge Gemma Collins fan, but I’m still waiting to hear from her in the mail, says Masked Singer Katherine Ryan

I’m a huge Gemma Collins fan, but I’m still waiting to hear from her in the mail, says Masked Singer Katherine Ryan

THE MASKED singer star Katherine Ryan has revealed her game plan is to impersonate Gemma Collins on the show — saying she’s a big fan of the Essex reality star.

A comedian hiding behind a pigeon mask said he had to hide his Canadian accent.

Katherine Ryan impersonated Gemma Collins because she's a big fan of the Essex star


Katherine Ryan impersonated Gemma Collins because she’s a big fan of the Essex starCredit: ITV
Comedian says former Twee star hasn't reached out yet


Comedian says former Twee star hasn’t reached out yetCredit: Instagram

Catherine, 39, admitted that choosing an accent and persona she could pull off was a natural choice, and she chose none other than Essex star Gemma Collins, 41.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Katherine said: Are you Katherine Ryan?

“I knew I wouldn’t be the best singer, so I had to resort to a guessing game.

“And the only accents I can do are Gemma Corrin and Essex.

“I chose her because I’m a fan of hers and a natural imitator.

“I think I’m the strongest, purely because my Essex accent is the best.

“I learned from watching ITV and becoming a fan of Gemma Collins and reality shows, so I thought it was fitting that ITV would invite me to be on this show that I love so much.

“That was my plan. I thought Gemma would be an old bird, an Essex dove. She’s a little cocky, likes the type of music I like, and can sing.”

After her convincing impression, Catherine said she was still waiting for Gemma to reach out to her.

“I’m friends with Gemma. I went to her one-woman show. I worked with Gemma a few times, but we don’t hang out much outside of work,” Katherine said. told us

“She hasn’t messaged me yet. She must know people are guessing it’s her, but she must be very busy.”

Katherine said one of the hardest parts of the process is keeping it a secret from her daughter, Violet, 12.

She continued, “I love telling everyone everything. I love people telling me everything. So it was almost a mistake to be honest with my daughter, so she It was a real challenge not to tell them.

However, the actress admitted that there was a part of her that enjoyed keeping her secret undercover.

“Watching Masked Singer together, I had to keep reminding myself that it paid off. We always had and knew it was worth revealing.” she continued.

“Violet wasn’t thrilled at first. She was furious because she guessed me the first week. I denied it. I had to keep it a secret from her and deny it.” Not only did it not, but she denied her earlier speculation.”

Katherine, who then had adorable baby Fenna Grace, revealed that she was eight months pregnant while filming the show.

The Duchess star said she was worried her giant baby bump would give it away.

“I had a bump and I think I was afraid to let it go because at the time there weren’t many people with severe pregnancies. When I go to Masked Singer, I wear a balaclava. I have to sneak down the driveway with all my clothes on. Jump in the car,” she said.

“If my neighbors saw me, it would have been very embarrassing.

“I think people assumed it wasn’t me because I was trying to have a baby. I’ve done that Essex accent before and my friends didn’t guess me.” I was surprised by… It’s going to be a hard guess.

“I was eight months and it was harder than I thought. I always thought things would get easier. I think that’s a real gift and obstacle in my life.”

“I was amazed at how hot and short of breath I was and how it interfered with my singing.

“But I’m not going to stop doing choreography. My husband said just stand there and sing the song. I thought, ‘Never.’ ”

Her time was cut short after Katherine was kicked out of competition with Jacket Potato, but the stand-up comedian said she had no plans to stop singing and dancing.

“I think I’m naturally competitive. I knew I couldn’t win, so I leaned into the guessing game,” Katherine explained.

“So I wanted to take each week as a real gift and an opportunity to interact with the panel and be funny. At the end of the day, my job is to serve people and make everyone laugh at gigs. Undercover.” singer.

“So I put on that big pigeon costume, became a puppeteer, and tried really hard to be funny.”

Catherine also admitted that she doesn’t have a hard time with root vegetables.

“I think Jacket Potato could be a superstar like a rock star. I respect democracy and if the panel decides Jacket Potato is better than me, Jacket Potato will better than me

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“I wanted to bring more pigeons to the table, but I hope I get the chance to sing again. I will never stop singing and dancing.”

The Masked Singer was Linear’s highest-rated show on Saturday night, peaking at over 5 million viewers with a 29.4% share.

Katherine said it was 'difficult' to do a show at eight months pregnant


Katherine said it was ‘difficult’ to do a show at eight months pregnantCredit: Rex

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