‘Is Joey Essex your real name?’ Confused ‘Love Island’ fans in the US and Canada ask


Love Island’s US and Canadian fans are all saying the same thing about Joey Essex.

The former Towie legend, 33, was announced as the first-ever celeb bombshell on Monday.

US and Canadian fans of Love Island have pointed out that they have no idea who Joey is.


US and Canadian fans of Love Island have pointed out that they have no idea who Joey is.Credit: Rex
Joey is a hugely popular reality TV personality in the UK.


Joey is a hugely popular reality TV personality in the UK.Credit: Getty

Since then, he’s definitely impressed a lot of the girls, kissing three of the islanders on the second date.

However, he has recently become close with Samantha Kenny.

Viewers watching from outside the UK confessed they had never heard of Joey before appearing on Love Island.

Many people are discussing this on Reddit.

One person said: “What is the cultural consensus on Joey Essex in the UK? Is he considered an idol? Are there any past Long Island contestants who you think are similar to him in terms of personality and charm?”

Another user wrote: “I always thought ‘Joey Essex’ was a nickname or something because he’s from Essex. Is his surname really Essex? Is that a common thing in the UK?”

A third confessed: “I didn’t know that was his real name.”

“Who is this guy?” a fourth asked, while a fifth replied: “I’m so glad you asked that.”

After Joey arrived, he was told that he had to choose one girl to be a couple with the next day.

But presenter Maya Jama explained that his decision meant one of the boys would be sent home.

Love Island’s Joey Essex and Samantha ‘knew each other before going into the villa’ after revealing ‘clues’

Just 24 hours after arriving in the villa, the hairdresser was sent home after Joey chose Sam Taylor’s girlfriend Samantha Kenny.

Just a few days later, another shocking piece of news came out: Ouma Jammeh.

Her arrival certainly put a damper on the plans, and Joey was furious.

Yuma walked into the villa and kissed all of the male contestants, and her sassy behaviour wreaked havoc on her partnership with Joey.

Love Island 2024 Couples

All the islanders are “couples” in the villas.

The couples so far are:

Joey told makeup artist Samantha that Uma whispered in his ear, “See you later.”

Noticing the Liverpudlian’s annoyance, Joey was quick to ask: “Why are you upset anyway?”

He continued during a conversation with his peers: “I’ve been very transparent my whole time here.

“I’m keeping my options open and talking to everyone.

“Obviously, I’m dating Samantha and this happens all the time.

“I’m trying my best here not to fall into the deep end, but it still happens.”

Joey shot to fame in 2011 with Towie.

He appeared on the ITVBe show until 2013, after which he appeared on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Joey has appeared in various other reality TV shows, the latter being a hugely popular reality show in the UK.

The Essex native has also appeared in Splash!, Ex On The Beach, Five Star Hotel, MTV Cribs and All Star Shore.

Joey also has a number of his own shows, including “Educating Joey Essex” and “Joey Essex: Grief and Me.”

Love Island drinking rules revealed

Love Island stars are often seen enjoying drinks out of stylish flute glasses, but what’s it really like drinking in the villa?

Love Island has long had a two-drink rule for its stars, placing a certain limit on how much alcohol they could consume each night.

All food and drink will be purchased by the show, and contestants will be closely monitored during their wild night in the villa.

Former Islanders, including Eyal Booker and Laura Anderson, have admitted to this in the past and spoke about how little alcohol there was on set.

talk mirrorLaura said the pair might have a bottle or two of Prosecco, but “we’re lucky if we can get through half of it.”

Furthermore, when you talk about alcohol consumption in conversation; CloserModel Eyal added: “It was really restrictive – no more than two glasses of wine a night!”

Meanwhile, viewers were convinced that the show’s makers had relaxed the rules for the recent All-Star series.

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