Jo Kwon talks about how he was prepared to give up his celebrity life for his first love in ‘Strong Heart VS’


2AM’s Jo Kwon frankly confessed about his love life during his appearance on the show. SBS Entertainment program “Strong Heart VS‘ was broadcast on April 16th.

Cho Kwon, who has been known for his ballad sensibilities since his debut, revealed his relationship history in detail for the first time.It is impossible not to have ever been in a romantic relationship.

Digging deeper, Cho Kwon confessed:I was involved with one person for a long time and I think I truly loved that person. I felt a strong connection with this person. But I think if they had asked me to live a normal life instead of pursuing a music career, I would have gone along with it.

It turned out that Jo Kwon’s former partner was an ordinary person, which had a great influence on Cho Kwon. Looking back on their relationship, Cho Kwon said, “Love has had a huge influence on my music. The songs they recorded during and after their debut are very different from the songs they recorded at the time of their debut.

Cho Kwon said this while remembering the situation after the breakup.During our separation, I wrote letters every day to express my feelings. I even sent him concert tickets in hopes of rekindling our bond, but they were returned.. ”

Despite his efforts, Cho Kwon felt an inevitable end. “I One day, they visited the neighborhood but found themselves feeling cold.It was a heartbreaking moment, but we accepted the reality of our situation.,” He said.

Cho Kwon answered a question about marriage and admitted his desire to marry his ex-partner. He detailed the bold actions he took to mend the relationship, even traveling to the United States on a travel visa to mend the relationship.

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