Joe Alwyn felt ‘compelled’ to speak out about Taylor Swift breakup in new interview


Joe Alwyn feels emotionally damaged by criticism over his split with Taylor Swift

Joe Alwyn felt ‘compelled’ to talk about Taylor Swift in new interview

Joe Alwyn has decided to nip the conspiracy theories surrounding his high-profile split with Taylor Swift in the bud with a frank response.

talk Daily MailThe source reflected on the emotional state the British actor was in as he stepped out of his comfort zone to confront the breakup.

“Joe wanted to end this once and for all in order to move forward with his life and career,” they claimed, noting that Joe had hoped that by avoiding publicly speaking about his private life, it would just fall into place naturally but quickly realized that this was not the case.

For those unaware, Taylor and Joe have maintained a relatively private relationship since 2017, but made headlines with their sudden split last year.

“He can’t go anywhere without being asked about Taylor,” the source explained. “He had his people tell him in advance that he wouldn’t answer questions about Taylor, but he knows that’s all people want to ask him about.

“It left me feeling depressed and emotionally drained,” they admitted.

of Mary Queen of Scots The actor initially addressed speculation about his split with Swift, The Sunday Times On the weekend.

Alwyn described their relationship, which lasted about seven years, as “loving and committed” and criticized the tabloids, social media and media for cruelly treating their relationship by “analysing it, speculating and twisting it beyond recognition.”

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