K-pop star Park Boram’s cause of death revealed, age 30


Korean singer Park Boram

Park Boram died last month after suffering from liver complications (Photo: ilgan Sports/Multi-Bits via Getty Images)

Last month, fans were devastated. K-pop star Park Boram passed away suddenly at the age of 30, and the cause of her death has been revealed.

Boram was found unconscious at a friend’s house on April 11th, and her agency, Xanadu Entertainment, said in a statement, “The singer suddenly left us.”

Tragically, her death came just days after she released a new single, poignantly titled “I Miss You.”

Nanyang Police Station reportedly ordered an autopsy, which revealed the cause of death to be acute alcohol poisoning.

The K-pop star has a pre-existing medical condition that affects his liver function, which is thought to have contributed.

According to the autopsy results from the National Institute of Forensic Medicine, Boram was suffering from fatty liver disease and liver lesions at the time of his death.

She died of acute alcohol poisoning on April 11. (Photo: Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

When the news broke last month, her agency issued a statement. all k pop“We are deeply shaken as we deliver this sudden news to our fans.”

“The wake and funeral will be scheduled after consultation with the singer’s family.”

The wake was held at Asan Medical Center on April 17th, followed by a funeral attended by family and friends, including industry insiders.

Boram rose to fame in 2010 at just 16 years old in a Korean talent contest, where he placed 8th in Superstar K2.

She later signed with an agent and recorded the soundtrack for the television series “49 Days” Always.

In 2014, the singer won Artist of the Year for her single “Beautiful,” which featured rapper Zico.

The following year, she released her first album, “Celepretty,” which included the hit “Beautiful.”

Similar to I Miss You, Bo-Ram released “I Hope” with fellow SuperStar K2 artist Huh Gak, also known as South Korea’s Paul Potts.

She was preparing to release a full studio album to celebrate the 10th anniversary of her debut album.

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