Katie Price cuts prices of OnlyFans photos by 50% ahead of bankruptcy hearing


KATIE Price has halved the price of her sexy OnlyFans photos ahead of her next bankruptcy hearing.

Fans of the 46-year-old star can watch her risqué material for less than £6 a month in a flash sale.

Katie Price cuts her OnlyFans subscription fee


Katie Price cuts her OnlyFans subscription feeCredit: Instagram
Katy will lose 40% of her OnlyFans earnings for three years


Katy will lose 40% of her OnlyFans earnings for three yearsCredit: Instagram
She calls herself the


She calls herself the “queen of glamour.”Credit: OnlyFans

A 30-day subscription to content from the self-proclaimed “queen of glamour” normally costs £11.82.

Katie was recently informed by Insolvency and Company Court Judge Katherine Barton that she will have to withhold 40% of her OnlyFans earnings each month for the next three years to help pay off her significant debts.

Last month, Katie revealed that she would not be attending her next bankruptcy court hearing after missing her last one and being threatened with jail time.

The TV star refuted claims that he was “hanging out” in Cyprus after missing a bankruptcy hearing in April.

Katie said she had been given legal permission to leave hospital by her psychiatrist and consultant doctor and was receiving outpatient treatment at The Priory.

The mother-of-five insisted she was taking the court proceedings “very seriously” and was deemed mentally unfit to be cross-examined in front of the public and media.

She told her sister, Sophie: “I [on holiday] No one knew I was leaving except the professionals around me.

“The court knew I had no intention of filing for bankruptcy because mentally I was barred from any court activity, including being cross-examined in front of the press and the public.”

“I take bankruptcy, like everything else, very seriously. The situation I’m in is very serious.”

As for claims that she was ignoring her financial woes, Star continued, “She looks like she was ‘just going on holiday’.”

Doubly bankrupt Katie Price shows off stunning new TV wall at Mackey Mansion

“No. My diary said I was only able to travel for four days.”

Sophie interjected: “It’s like not showing up to court, making excuses and going on holiday. That’s how it feels.”

Katie responded: “The public is affected but I am very clear that I am not mentally stable at this time and am unable to appear in court. I am just doing what my body and brain can do at this time.”

“I take bankruptcy seriously. I’m not jetting off to a five-star holiday, let me just say this.”

“My friend came to this hotel a week before me. [the hotel staff] I’ll come and take care of me.

“So when I came here, they upgraded me for free. This vacation was actually a very cheap vacation.”

Katie is currently dating reality star JJ Slater.


Katie is currently dating reality star JJ Slater.Credit: Instagram

“Right now I have reasons not to want to be around them. I’m going through a tough time.”

“I’m taking care of myself, I’m taking care of how I feel, I’m taking better care of myself.

“So, there’s another court hearing and I’m not going to that one either. I want everyone to know.”

She concluded the matter by saying, “I needed a break from what’s going on behind the scenes. My brain is very weak right now so I just have to do what I can.”

“I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m not fooling anyone, I’m engaging with everyone.”

“What I’ve learned from the past is to not ignore anything and to communicate, and that’s what I’m doing.

“I’m doing everything I can mentally because I don’t want to have another mental breakdown.”

“That’s why I go to the gym, stay healthy, stay focused and stay positive.”

The former glamour model was due to give evidence about her financial situation in the High Court.

However, as the hearing began it emerged that Katie had told her lawyers within 24 hours that she would not be able to attend.

Katie’s legal history

Katie stopped attending court

2010 Katie was given a six-month driving ban for speeding and using a mobile phone while driving.

2015 The star was fined £1,220 for running a red light.

2018 She was banned from driving for six months in February 2018.

2018 Katie was found asleep at the wheel and ended up being detained for 13 hours.

2019 A year later, the star was banned from driving for a third time, for three months.

2019 She was declared bankrupt for the first time.

2021 Katie crashes her car under the influence of alcohol and drugs and suffers a mental breakdown.

2022 Katie was ordered to carry out 18 months’ community service and 150 hours’ community service for the driving issues.

2022 She pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order and was ordered to pay £1,500.

2024 She was declared bankrupt for the second time.

2024 The star has been warned he could face jail for failing to appear in court.

The barrister told the judge: “It is clear that evidence was given very late and had not even been tabled in court.”

“As a result, we are now in a very serious situation. She could be charged with contempt of court, jailed, fined or even have a warrant issued for her arrest.”

Last month, Katie was declared bankrupt for the second time, owing £761,994.05 in unpaid tax.

The Sun revealed that Katie was in Cyprus on the day of the trial.

The star later shared a photo of herself with boyfriend JJ at the luxury resort.

Katie was declared bankrupt in November 2019 with debts of £3.2 million.

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