Layla says I’m on Love Island and I know why Jessie fell in love with Will


Love Island star Layla Al Momani revealed exactly why women fall in love with Will Young.

The 28-year-old enjoyed a brief run-in with the farmer during Casa Amor week before deciding to stick with Jesse Winter.

Layla reveals Will's charm


Layla reveals Will’s charmcredit:
Layla can understand why Jesse wants Will back


Layla can understand why Jesse wants Will backcredit:

And now Layla admits that Will is far from being an “easy choice” and not the sort of thing you see on screen.

She explains:

“He has a very glamorous, sexy appeal, but to be honest, it doesn’t show much or at all.”

Leila initially admitted that she wasn’t even sure he was cheating on her, saying, “He would say some flirtatious things, but I thought it was his personality.

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But things quickly escalated as they got to know each other.

Starr still holds Will in high esteem and understands why he and Jesse rekindled their romance.

“I would have probably taken him back and felt there and I know it’s really hard, but they weren’t in a relationship. When he was a boyfriend or girlfriend. Had they done that… I don’t think they would have reached that stage,” she said.

Despite everything that happened, Layla says she didn’t mean to spill the beans on Jesse about what happened during the brutal reunion.

She explains:

“It was between them. They were both upset, that’s not what I’m there for.”

Layla also refuted the suggestion that she chose Will easily, claiming: Who would go there thinking I would go for Will?

“He and Shaq were probably the hardest. No one is going to go to those two. You don’t like it because you know the chances of getting in are practically zero. You never will.” .

Layla and Will become close friends at Casa Amor


Layla and Will become close friends at Casa Amorcredit:
Jessie walked away from what happened at Casa Amor


Jessie walked away from what happened at Casa AmorCredit: ITV

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