Legendary rock band announces shocking reunion five years after retirement


They are one of the originators of thrash metal and have achieved legendary status.

But five years ago, Slayer fans thought they’d never see the band live again after they announced their surprise retirement.

Slayer announces two big comeback shows


Slayer announces two big comeback showsCredit: Getty
Legendary metal band “retires” in November 2019


Legendary metal band “retires” in November 2019Credit: Getty

And just days before founder and guitarist Kerry King announced his new solo band and released a heavy first single, “Idle Hands,” the band looked solidly finished and dusted. .

But overnight, this great metal band has two festival dates scheduled for later this year: Riot Fest in Chicago on September 22nd and Louder Than Life in Louisville on September 27th. announced that it would do so.

“There’s nothing like 90 minutes of playing live on stage and sharing that intensity,” frontman and bassist Tom Araya said in a statement. energy To be honest, we were missing it. ”

King added, “Have you ever missed a live show? Absolutely. Slayer means a lot to our fans. They mean a lot to us, too. It’s been five years since then.”

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The announcement received mixed reactions, with some celebrating and others denouncing it as a “cash grab” for the breakup.

Fellow guitarist Gary Holt’s wife Lisa weighed in on the situation, writing on social media:

“To all the people who say, ‘They’re liars,’ I say, ‘They must have run out of money.’ money“It’s not Slayer without such-and-such”…I have an idea for you all…don’t go…and all those who went on the last day of the tour and enjoyed it…amazing!!

“This isn’t a ‘tour’, it’s just a few dates…and it’s great news!!!

“And for all of you who think you know all the inside information…it’s impossible to know. So enjoy the fact that this great band is playing some great shows this year…go or go.” No…no one cares!!!”

The announcement may not be entirely surprising, considering King recently told Rolling Stone that there was room for a one-off show.

He said, “Will Slayer ever tour again? I’m sure it won’t happen. Could Slayer ever do a show again? I’m sure there are scenarios.”

“Are you looking? No, I’m just getting ready to start.” [solo] career. So if it happens, it happens.But I’m going to do this Next For at least 10 years. ”

But he also said that he hadn’t spoken to Araya since his retirement performance, and that the only positive thing he could squeeze out of him was that he was glad he wasn’t dead.

King and Araya founded the two-time Grammy Award-winning band in 1981 with the late Jeff Hanneman and former drummer Dave Lombardo.

They are one of the big four of thrash, along with Metallica, Anthrax, and Megadeth. Both groups famously toured together for the first time in 2010.

Slayer has released 12 studio albums and sold more than 20 million records worldwide.

Some of their most famous songs include Raining Blood, Angel of Death, and South of Heaven.

Guitarist Kerry King released his first solo song earlier this month.


Guitarist Kerry King released his first solo song earlier this month.Credit: Getty

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