Major 2000s music star announces Glasgow Hydro Show, 20 years after his big hit


A major music star of the 1990s has announced a major show in Scotland, 20 years after his hit album.

British singer-songwriter James Blunt, 50, will perform his ‘Back to Bedlam’ 20th anniversary tour on February 14, 2025 at OVO Hydro in the same city.

James Blunt to visit Glasgow next year


James Blunt will visit Glasgow next yearCredit: Getty

The music star is embarking on a special UK arena performance where he will perform the album in its entirety alongside other classic songs.

Back To Bedlam contains the global smash hit “You’re Beautiful” and is one of the top ten best-selling albums of the 1990s.

He has won two Brit Awards, two Ivor Novello Awards and has been nominated for five Grammy Awards.

“I’ve released seven studio albums, but the one that people actually bought was ‘Back To Bedlam,'” James said.

“So the record company and I thought we should take advantage of our 20th anniversary and repackage it with some of the early demos and squeeze all the value out of it.

“This was one of the best-selling albums of the 1990s, so we hope it kicks the bucket into the 20s.”

The singer will also visit places such as Belfast, Leeds, Manchester, London and Paris on the tour.

Tickets for the concert will go on sale starting Friday, May 31st.

Pre-sales will begin on May 29th (Wednesday) in preparation for the event.

Last year, James opened up about his life and some of his most grounding experiences in the film One Brit Wonder.

James Blunt opens up about his military career and upbringing on ‘One Brit Wonder’

James describes being sent to boarding school at the age of eight: “It was a strange experience being sent away. They gave me a Nintendo and three days later I asked, ‘When are my parents coming home?’ and they said, ‘Christmas.’ It was in September.”

His mother, Jane, says: “Well, he was eight years old, so he probably was.”

She later added: “He was lonely and short. He was bullied, but he made friends because he’s a funny guy.”

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