Marvel’s Avengers Character Breakdown: 6 Heroes, Loads of Prospects – IGN

Marvel's Avengers Character Breakdown: 6 Heroes, Plenty of Possibilities - IGN

Marvel’s Avengers, at launch, will supply gamers six totally different Marvel heroes to play as — Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, Ms. Marvel, and Thor. Endeavoring to basically create six totally different protagonists, who will all have their very own authored single-player experiences after which be playable in multiplayer Warzone missions, is not any small job. However lead fight designer Vince Napoli – previously of Sony’s God of Warfare staff – walked IGN by means of how the Crystal Dynamics staff is aiming to make every hero distinctive and enjoyable to play.As a part of our IGN First protection of Marvel’s Avengers, learn on for the way the staff is crafting every hero’s playstyle, and make sure you take a look at our unique hands-on with Thor and Ms. Marvel for our ideas on how two of the heroes play.

Marvel’s Avengers: Character Fight Breakdown


Black Widow

Napoli defined that Natasha Romanoff truly was the staff’s beginning hero due to her distinctive difficulties.

“We truly began with Black Widow. She made probably the most sense [to start with] as a result of she supplies so many challenges, particularly going up in opposition to a few of the crazier, god-powered, god-tier heroes,” Napoli stated.

And so the staff honed in on a couple of points of Black Widow to make her really feel actually distinctive and enjoyable to play — particularly, making her extra agile in fight than any of the opposite heroes.

“She’s extremely quick. She’s extremely agile. She has the quickest melee assaults and melee combos within the sport. She can be in a position to alternate between her electrical batons as her heavy assaults, and you utilize these in another way than her melee assaults on the sunshine button [and] swap between a number of ranged weapons as nicely,” Napoli stated, noting she will be able to select from automated pistols, dual-wielding fast pistols, and a heavy-caliber Magnum pistol.However a defining side of this model of Black Widow is her stealth, and the flexibility to enter and exit an invisibility mode whereas within the midst of fight. Napoli defined how enjoying as Nat nicely, and actually making use of her intrinsic stealth capacity, is the important thing to success in battle together with her.

“Among the most attention-grabbing and enjoyable play we see together with her is the flexibility to enter stealth. You stealth in a short time, get out of it after which enter it once more,” Napoli stated. “In case you’re enjoying her nicely, you do really feel such as you’re always escaping the battlefield, getting into the battlefield, tricking the enemies always.”

The give attention to stealth allowed the staff to crack the code of Black Widow’s arsenal and the various skills that could possibly be layered onto her customization choices. From her weapon arsenal to skills to do multi-takedowns, instakills, have an effect on teammates from stealth, and even presumably have them enter stealth mode — Black Widow turned this unseen pressure among the many Avengers roster.

“You then add in her grapple capacity to shortly transfer between targets, and also you mix stealth, you make her this ninja on the battlefield the place she’s quickly transferring between enemies. You’ll be able to’t see right here, she’s disappearing, she’s reappearing. As soon as we had all of these parts in place, she undoubtedly began to play as one thing actually, actually particular,” Napoli stated.

Captain America

Steve Rogers is the elephant within the room, the staff member whose presence we don’t fairly know within the scope of the total sport as a result of, nicely, because the A-Day demo exhibits…Captain America seemingly dies on the onset of Marvel’s Avengers.

Nonetheless, Crystal Dynamics created what’s clearly a deep fight system that, presumably, we’ll ultimately get to play in full. And whereas nonetheless Steve might re-enter the image is being stored underneath wraps, Napoli did supply some particulars on how he performs, and the way the staff is making good use of Cap’s iconic protect.

“Throwing the protect is clearly so iconic and wanted to really feel so particular,” Napoli stated. “His protect throw truly has its personal built-in ranged combo. It is a distinctive attribute the opposite characters haven’t got, which is that his ranged assault truly works like a combo.“So excellent timing as you catch it and throw it’ll increment his throws and create totally different throws and reactions on the enemies. He additionally has a particular counter kickback, which is once you use his cost throw, after it hits the final enemy, if you happen to can time the kickback forward of time, he’ll bounce up and kick the protect again and meet it because it’s returning and he’ll kick it again out and hit as soon as once more all of the targets that you simply had been in a position to goal together with his cost throw.”

That depth and nuance got here from, in line with Napoli, a need by the staff so as to add talent and a way of mastery to Cap’s skills for gamers.

“How are you going to actually really feel such as you’ve mastered the protect throw, what layers can we do the place there may be some quantity of practiced and discovered capacity to the purpose the place you truly do really feel like an knowledgeable Captain America participant?” Napoli stated the staff requested each other.


Once I started talking to Napoli about Hulk, I discussed how maybe the strongest and finest gaming reminiscence for myself and plenty of others of Bruce Banner is the PS2-era Hulk: Final Destruction. And Napoli famous that he has fond recollections of that superhero outing and even went again to get a really feel for what that sport did for the character.

However in devising their very own Hulk, the staff at Crystal Dynamics wished to consider a bigger query — how might they imbue this pressure of power with technique?

“Aside from having the ability to make the most of his rage and smash by means of stuff and really feel that overwhelming sense of energy, what would my gameplay technique be as Hulk, what would a sensible gameplay technique be as him if you happen to had been a Hulk participant?” Napoli stated he and the staff thought-about.

Marvel’s Avengers: Recreation Overview Screenshots – Hero Customization, Outfits, and Extra

“What if we took the thought of weaponization. Hulk is mainly all about weaponizing the atmosphere and weaponizing the enemies, or weaponizing the fight situation round him. And what I imply by that’s that that is truly why he is in a position to choose up and wield enemies as weapons,” he continued.

Napoli pointed to a particular instance of utilizing the atmosphere as an enormous boulder earlier than going right into a struggle.

“I’ll put together originally of this struggle as a result of I’ll rip up a part of the bottom and switch it into an enormous boulder,” he stated. “After which I’ll begin the struggle by leaping off the very best factor I can and dive bomb into the struggle with my large boulder. And for instance, utilizing the standing results, you may make {that a} cosmic-infused boulder. You’ll be able to radiate the boulder with gamma,” he continued.

“[Playing as Hulk] rewards a bit little bit of preparation work there, which is a bit little bit of an antithesis to Hulk, nevertheless it does reward a bit little bit of slight preparation with much more over-the-top destruction.

Hulk can after all additionally seize enemies, and Napoli defined that selecting totally different enemies will change Hulk’s swing with them, permitting gamers to additional plan their fight by selecting which enemies to go after first.

Iron Man

Quite a bit rests on Iron Man’s shoulders. After kickstarting the MCU into one of many largest film franchises of all time, the character and his strikes have turn into much more iconic to much more folks. Napoli stated that leaning into that iconography, slightly than limiting the scope of his moveset, allowed the staff to determine their tackle Tony Stark.

“What if he might use his weapon choice, not simply in his vary assaults, however combine that into his melee fight, actually make that part of who he’s?” Napoli stated.

He defined how they took Iron Man’s repulsor gloves and, as an alternative of limiting them to a few strikes, built-in his iconic weapons into his whole combo system.

“That method you’ll be able to truly see him do much more of the enduring posing that you simply see within the motion pictures and the comedian panels,” Napoli stated. “And as soon as we had that down, I used to be like, ‘Effectively, let’s do the identical factor with lasers. Let’s give him two dozen laser assaults that he might use in melee fight.’“So for instance, his heavy combo finisher you’ll be able to unlock is a pinning missile, which pins the enemy and takes them off and propels them into the air after which does totally different like loops into the air and runs totally different patterns and sends them flying,” he continued.

Napoli estimates that there are about 36 totally different assaults incorporating his ranged strikes, which could be introduced into combos that target his commonplace hand-to-hand fight skills.

Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan, who serves as a serious entry level for the story, provided a novel problem for Crystal Dynamics.

“Her skills for a melee sport are a dream and a curse on the identical time, as a result of you are able to do something with them. You can also make any weapon assaults and motions with them, however on the identical time… you are able to do something with them,” Napoli stated, noting how that freedom provided a novel set of challenges.

However in aiming to remain true to the characters inside fight, Napoli and the staff discovered that honing in on Kamala’s fandom for the opposite Avengers provided a particular alternative for her moveset.“One of many approaches we took was to search for any influences we might from the remainder of the Avengers together with her precise strikes. Nearly all of her strikes are primarily based off of assaults that the opposite Avengers can do,” he stated.

“So you may discover, she’s received a model of Black Widow’s mild journey kick, the place she sweeps the enemies. She’s received a model of Hulk’s shoulder ram assault. She’s received a model of virtually each character’s assault [with] the Kamala spin on it; simply to present it that really feel of, ‘She is studying, and the place would she be studying from? The place would she truly draw inspiration from? In fact, it would be from the opposite Avengers.’”


Having gotten to go hands-on with him a few occasions, Thor undoubtedly shares some DNA with Kratos within the latest God of Warfare, together with his Mjlonir hammer standing in for the Leviathan Axe. That’s assumedly no mistake, given Napoli beforehand labored on that PS4 unique, and it’s a fantastic lineage to see proceed within the god of thunder.

However, after all, in enjoying throughout the Marvel sandbox, there may be loads of comics and movie inspiration to tug from. (I famous in my preview how Thor’s Odinforce powers splendidly channel the Thor: Ragnarok motion scene set to Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Track.”) And in designing Thor, Napoli famous that Ragnarok performed a big affect not simply in his playstyle however within the studio’s pitch to Marvel for the character.

“There is a scene in Thor: Ragnarok the place Odin tells Thor that he isn’t the god of hammers,” Napoli stated, explaining that the staff pitched, for Marvel’s Avengers, that he can be each the god of hammers and the god of thunder and lightning.

“The best factor about his fight is which you could set off his Odinforce and [Thor can] electrify himself, shield himself, counter enemies,” Napoli stated. “But it surely additionally has a novel property that it provides to each single one in every of his assaults. And it is not simply so simple as, ‘Oh, it simply provides lightning harm.’ It fully modifications the impression or the impact that it’ll have on the enemy. So you’ll be able to see what it does and modify every of his assaults.”

Marvel’s Avengers PlayStation 5

Napoli defined that the Odinforce “begins to create a storm of lightning in every single place,” that provided each defensive and offensive alternatives for Crystal Dynamics to construct into Thor. And as for his hammer assaults, Napoli stated they took an analogous method when it got here to creating numerous makes use of for Mjlonir, slightly than simply hueing to at least one attainable mode of fight for it.

“You’ll be able to change [Mjlonir] into this lobbed grenade-style toss, the place it creates a lightning explosion and creates cluster bombs. Or you’ll be able to change it into the flexibility to hunt out targets within the battlefield, which isn’t the best way its base throw works,” he stated.

Marvel’s Avengers is ready to hit PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 4, and all all through July IGN can have an in-depth take a look at what Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel journey will ship. Within the meantime, make sure you take a look at the total Avengers Warfare Desk presentation for extra particulars, and keep tuned to IGN for extra.

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