Millions of users have access to hidden Netflix upgrades – see if you qualify


NETFLIX has smart TV upgrades available to millions of app fans.

It’s easy to miss, but it can make a big difference in how you watch TV shows and movies.

Look for this icon on select Netflix TV shows and movies


Look for this icon on select Netflix TV shows and moviesCredit: Netflix

Netflix bundles Spatial Audio as part of their premium plans.

This is Netflix’s most expensive plan. Check your account to see if you got it first.

Spatial Audio is a special sound effect that enhances stereo audio for a “movie immersive” experience.

The advantage is that it works without the need for expensive surround sound speakers or fancy home theater equipment.

Aside from requiring a premium plan, the problem is that not all Netflix TV shows and movies support spatial audio.

But there is a lot of content, including some of Netflix’s most popular content.

“Netflix Spatial Audio brings an immersive cinematic sound experience on any device, without the need for additional equipment,” explains Netflix.

“And now it’s available for over 700 popular titles, including Stranger Things, The Watcher, Wednesday, Knives Out: Glass Onion, and more.”

If you have a Netflix Premium subscription, spatial audio is automatically enabled when you watch compatible TV shows and movies with stereo audio.

Simply search for “spatial audio” in the Netflix search bar to find these compatible titles.

You’ll also see a small spatial audio icon (like a speaker) next to the TV show or movie description.

Netflix Premium – What do you get?

Sadly, Netflix Premium doesn’t come cheap.

It costs $19.99 / £15.99 monthly. This is a large payment.

But Spatial Audio isn’t the only option.

Simultaneously watch on 4 supported devices.

You can also access all our TV Shows, Movies and Mobile Games listings.

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Watch in 4K Ultra HD. This is a perk not available on cheaper plans and includes ad-free viewing.

With a Netflix Premium plan, you can also download TV shows and movies to watch offline on 6 supported devices simultaneously.

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