My fiance vacuumed up my late mother’s ashes and that wasn’t the worst thing.


A grieving woman was shocked to discover her fiancé had vacuumed away his mother’s ashes.

After finding out what he had done, she completely abandoned the relationship.

Mourning woman shocked to learn what her fiancé did with her mother's ashes


Mourning woman shocked to learn what her fiancé did with her mother’s ashesCredit: Getty

Redditor mom bf vacuum She shared her relationship dilemma in the post.

The 26-year-old explained that she and her sister were “devastated” after a car crash claimed the life of their single mother about three years ago.

She was shocked to find that her fiancé of four years, Ben, did not want the support she needed.

“He’s always been a brusque person and has a hard time dealing with emotions (especially when it comes to bad feelings from other people),” she explained.

She revealed that his mentality stems from his childhood and the philosophy he inherited from his father.

After his mother died, Ben moved out of his apartment to live with a friend “within two full weeks” and his sister moved in to support him.

She explained that Ben’s “awkward attempts at comfort” often made things worse.

It sparked a moment of realization after a friend’s girlfriend called him a “sociopath” for leaving her to deal with her grief.

“Apparently it caused some introspection and he started seeing things from my perspective,” she said.

“At first we wanted to break up and my sister agreed, but he begged for a chance to make up.

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“At the time, I was paralyzed with grief and didn’t have the energy to fight. He took the initiative to get individual therapy for himself and couples therapy for us,” she added. Ta.

“I could see he was making a real effort to change, so overall we stayed together and eventually got engaged.”

Despite her sister’s objections, the two went ahead with their wedding plans.

That was until she learned of his serious crimes.

He turned pale immediately and I knew he had something to do with it.

mom bf vacuum

According to her account, there had been a robbery at her sister’s house, and they had placed her mother’s ashes in an urn, along with her mother’s cherished rosary and other jewelry and keepsakes, and taken them to her sister’s home. He decided to keep it in.

Her sister called her to request a plastic rosary as a keepsake.

When she opened the urn, she was shocked to find a plastic bag filled with sand.

“The rosary was next to it. I opened and closed it three times, thinking I might see something. Ben came home a little later than me and found me staring at the urn. ” she wrote.

“He immediately turned pale, but I just knew he had something to do with it. I went ahead and asked him what he did. I didn’t even know he was going to lie. I was actually quite surprised when he spit out the truth in this big monologue.”

She explained that Ben, the fussy cleaner, insisted that her mother’s memorial be cleaned while she was away on business.

“I said I would do it myself when I got home the next day. He kept texting me that I was not good at dusting and that he would get it done soon and not to worry,” she said. Ta.

“I told him not to do anything and I would deal with it, but he became unresponsive.

“When I got home, the situation was the same as when I left. He apologized for being ‘nervous’ and said he didn’t touch anything.

“He said he didn’t need me to clean the monument, even though it wasn’t dirty, because he was just worried before. After that, he didn’t think about it.”

Ben confessed that while he was cleaning, the plastic bag containing the ashes tore and fell onto the carpet.

“This man picked up a vacuum cleaner, sucked my mother in, and instead of putting it back in the urn, he dumped the contents of the vacuum cleaner into the trash,” she said.

“When I asked him why he didn’t put it back in the urn after vacuuming, he looked at the floor.

“He panicked and when I got home he reassured me not to pick up the urn.

“The next day, he literally stopped by our local park and got a bag of play sand to make it about the same weight as the original remains.”

After hearing his confession, she packed up for her hotel and blocked his number to spend some time alone.

People said the final parting gift her mother gave her was helping her avoid red flags.

One commenter said: “Your mother, on her deathbed, saved you from marrying this motherfucker.”

“This is a wonderful gift from her to you. Her ashes saved you from a relationship with a man who made your life a living hell.

“Plant a tree in a special place and dedicate it to her memory. Ditch your dog-hating boyfriend.”

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