“My music isn’t cheap, there’s science in it,” says Ava Max

“My music isn’t cheap, there’s science in it,” says Ava Max

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Ava Max hit back at haters People who label her music as corny and cheesy (Photo: Gerardo Mora/Getty for iHeartRadio)

Chart-topping Eva Max may have mastered the art of not giving Edam, but she says the accusation that her music is cheesy is really welcome.

In an exclusive interview with Guilty Pleasures, the Albanian-American singer teaches critics how hard it is to create pop magic.

“Some say it’s corny. They say it’s cheesy—it’s not cheesy,” claimed Ava, 28. It’s a business.

“It’s like science. You have to try different chemicals and liquids.

She and super producer Cirkut certainly broke the formula. Her breakout hit “Sweet But Psycho” reached her No. 1 in 22 countries.

Singer wants collaboration with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion (Photo: Marilyn Hugh)

Now Ava is back with her stunning sophomore album Diamonds & Dancefloors.

“I was writing when I was in a very sad place because my heart was broken. But I wanted to dance, so I turned them into dance records… I just didn’t want to sob,” she shared. “It’s part of my mind and I’m just pouring it out.”

Dreaming of collaborating with Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion, Ava had no doubt that she would succeed in business even as a teenager.

“I was a rebel, a total rebel. I used to say to my teachers, ‘I’m going to move to California and become a singer.’ They’ll be like, ‘You’re crazy, finish this essay!'” she laughed.

But her journey from moving to LA to pop stardom has been tough.

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