NASA asteroid tracker: 20,000MPH asteroid barrelling for Earth TODAY | Science | Information

NASA asteroid tracker: 20,000MPH asteroid barrelling for Earth TODAY | Science | News

The , dubbed by NASA Asteroid 2019 CG5, is anticipated to make a so-called “Earth Shut Method” tonight. NASA’s asteroid trackers on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California have narrowed the flyby right down to round 6.35pm GMT (UTC). Because it shoots by, the asteroid will attain breakneck speeds of 19,953.5mph or 32,112kph. This implies Asteroid CG5 is protecting greater than 29,200ft of distance each single second.

Fortunately, there may be nothing to fret about as a result of even at its closest method, the asteroid will miss Earth by multiple million miles (2.28 million km).

Asteroid CG5 is a so-called “Close to-Earth Object” (NEO), which means its orbital trajectory at instances cuts dangerously shut into the orbit of Earth.

As NEOs sprint round by means of , they usually method the Earth however hardly ever do they strike the planet.

NASA mentioned: “As they orbit the Solar, Close to-Earth Objects can often method near Earth.


“Be aware {that a} ‘shut’ passage astronomically might be very far-off in human phrases: thousands and thousands and even tens of thousands and thousands of kilometres.”

In keeping with the JPL, Asteroid CG5 measures someplace within the vary of 36ft to 78.7ft (11m to 24m) in diameter.

By all requirements, CG5 appears a fairly non-threatening house rock however equally sized asteroids are recognized to have prompted appreciable harm up to now.

And tonight’s flyby comes at some point after the anniversary of the 2013 Chelyabinsk Meteor incident.


Six years in the past a small 65.6ft-wide (20m) asteroid entered the ambiance undetected, from the course for the Solar, and erupted over Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia.

The asteroid’s sudden look and explosion blew out home windows in a large radius, injuring greater than 1,000 folks and damaging greater than 7,000 buildings.

TV scientist and CEO of the Planetary Society Invoice Nye mentioned: “It’s the anniversary of the Chelyabinsk meteorite influence, which was no joke. Low chance – very excessive consequence.”

Tonight, nonetheless, all indicators counsel Asteroid CG5 will safely go the Earth with out swerving into our dwelling world.


At its closest, estimates CG5 will near-miss the planet from a distance of about 0.01524 astronomical models (au).

One astronomical unit is the equal of practically 93 million miles (149.6 million km) or the gap between the Earth and the Solar.

Asteroid CG5 will drastically lower this down as we speak to simply 1.416 million miles (2.279 million km) from Earth.

This is the same as about 5.93-times the gap from the Earth to the Moon – 5.93 Lunar Distances (LD).

After the asteroid depart’s Earth’s nook of house, it can pay one other go to on the afternoon of June 8, 2066.

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