NASA asteroid tracker: Three large asteroids will skim Earth TODAY | Science | Information

NASA asteroid tracker: Three giant asteroids will skim Earth TODAY | Science | News

The three are on orbital trajectories often known as “Earth Shut Approaches”. The primary of the three asteroids, so-called Asteroid 2019 CY2, already zipped previous the planet simply after 3.30am GMT (UTC). NASA predicts the following two area rocks, Asteroid 2019 CG4 and Asteroid 2017 PV25, will flyby shortly after, round midday and 1pm GMT later in the present day. The area company’s Astronomers on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) have narrowed the passages right down to 11.55am GMT and 12.43pm GMT respectively.

Asteroid CY2 is the quickest of the three asteroids, swinging previous the planet at breakneck speeds of round 29,415mph or 13.15km per second.

Fortunately, the asteroid didn’t hit our house world regardless of making an extremely shut method.

At its closest, estimates the rock got here inside 1.9 million miles (3.07 million km) of hanging Earth.

That is the equal of eight instances the gap from the Earth to the Moon.


NASA’s preliminary measurement estimates present Asteroid CY2 measures someplace within the vary of 39.4ft to 85.3ft (12m to 26m) in diameter.

Asteroid CG4, which is able to zip by simply earlier than midday, is the smallest of the asteroids and would pose a minimal quantity of hazard if it had been on a direct collision course with Earth.

At its closest, CG4 will method Earth from 0.00459 astronomical models (au) or 426,667 miles (686,654km).

Astronomical models are used to outline the typical distance from the Earth to the Solar – about 93 million miles (149.6 million km).


1000’s of asteroids and comets often known as “Close to Earth Objects” fly previous the Earth yearly however not often do they strike and trigger harm.

The smaller  rocks usually disintegrate within the environment earlier than they’ll hit the bottom with nice pressure.

Sometimes one or two asteroids will slip by means of and remind astronomers of the risks lurking within the depths of area.

This occurred in 2013 when a 65.6ft-wide (20m) asteroid, dubbed the Chelyabinsk Meteor, exploded over Russia and injured greater than 1,000 individuals with shards of glass from damaged home windows.


The asteroid blew up with 30-times the pressure of the Hiroshima nuclear bomb and broken greater than 7,000 buildings.

Right this moment’s shut flyby of the three asteroids is a reminder of the tons of of 1000’s of asteroids and comets barrelling across the photo voltaic system each single day.

NASA mentioned: “Each day, Earth is bombarded with greater than 100 tons of mud and sand-sized particles.

“About annually, an automobile-sized asteroid hits Earth’s environment, creates a powerful fireball, and burns up earlier than reaching the floor.

“Each 2,000 years or so, a meteoroid the scale of a soccer area hits Earth and causes vital harm to the world.

“Lastly, solely as soon as each few million years, an object massive sufficient to threaten Earth’s civilisation comes alongside.”

The final of the three area rocks getting into Earth’s nook of area in the present day is Asteroid PV25 – the most important and slowest of the three asteroids.

Asteroid CY2 is estimated to measure someplace within the vary of 104.9ft to 232.9ft (32m to 71m) throughout, which means it’s 8.4-times longer than a London double-decker bus.

The asteroid will swing by at speeds of round 13,622mph or 6.09km per second and can method the planet from about 1.73 million miles (2.79 million km).

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