Princess Charlotte praised for ‘extraordinary’ role at military flag ceremony in support of Princess Kate: ‘She adores Princess Kate’


Royal biographer Angela Levin praised the canonization appearance of young royal Princess Charlotte, who attended the King’s official birthday celebrations with the Welsh family on Saturday.

The nine-year-old princess helped her mother, Princess Kate, return to royal life after a six-month break to undergo cancer treatment.

Princess Charlotte wore a navy blue seafaring dress and took part in a carriage procession with her family, then stood before her mother on the balcony for her final appearance of the day.

Discussing Princess Charlotte’s efforts at royal events, biographer Levin told GB News that the young princess performed “exceptionally” in her role throughout the day and praised her for looking after her siblings and mother.

Princess Charlotte and Angela Levin

Angela Levin praised Princess Charlotte’s “extraordinary” performance at Saturday’s flag ceremony.


Speaking to Nana Aqua, Levin said: “Princess Charlotte has done very well. Charlotte is a wonderful child.”

“When they came back, she was wiping the windows so everyone could see. She was brushing the rain off with her hands. She was amazing. And waving on both sides.”

Levin mentioned the moment Charlotte “scolded” Louis for making a joke during an event, and said she’s “having a great time” while looking after her family.

Ms Levin added: “She was having a great time and taking such good care of Louis, it was hilarious, scolding him when he was doing his little dance and calling for order multiple times when he wasn’t sitting properly.”

Princess Kate and Prince William

The Welsh family showed signs of unity as Kate attended the King’s official birthday celebrations.


Mr Levin suggested Princess Charlotte’s efforts to look after her siblings at Trooping the Colour, her first public appearance since her cancer diagnosis, were “to look after our mother”.

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Ms Levin told GB News: “I think she was acting on her mum’s behalf so she could be there for her. She adores her mum so much so she just really wants to help.”

“George is fine, he was just sitting there, but it was very emotional to see them back together as a family again.”

Asked about the royal presence on the balcony, Nana pointed to a “scaled-down” presence at the RAF flyover.

Levin agreed, revealing: “What was interesting about the royals on the balcony was that there weren’t a ton of them. There was no Princess Eugenie or any of that. It was a very small crowd – nine adults and three children.”

Angela Levin

Angela Levin says Prince Charles looked ‘uncomfortable’ at flag ceremony

GB News

“I thought maybe it was because Kate and Prince Charles are too vulnerable and don’t want too many people around them.”

Levin praised Kate’s return to public life, saying the royal is an “incredible woman” and “so beautiful.”

Ms. Levin told Nana: “Kate Middleton was absolutely amazing. She looked so beautiful in that outfit. She’s doing it for her family.”

“I thought to myself, what an incredible woman she is, putting other people’s wishes above her own.”

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