Stacey Solomon’s co-star gives cancer update, leaves Sort Your Life Out fans in tears


SORT Your Life Out fans were left in tears when one of Stacey Solomon’s co-stars shared a major update amidst a heartbreaking battle with cancer.

Fans of the BBC One show have been introduced to various members of Stacey’s team on the show over the years. These include burly carpenter Robert Bent, DIY superstar Ivan Carrington, and lovable host Dilly Carter.

Dilly Carter talks about his battle with cancer


Dilly Carter talks about his battle with cancerCredit: instagram/@declutterdollies
She became famous for


She became famous for “Sort Your Life Out”Credit: instagram/@declutterdollies

The team returned to our screens this week as the hugely popular show began its fourth series.

However, it was Dilley’s post on Instagram after the show started that really moved fans.

Dilley has been facing a devastating battle with uterine cancer and revealed that this was her first time back following surgery to treat the dreaded disease.

The 43-year-old first went public with her cancer diagnosis after being forced to quit the show’s final series episode in September last year.

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In December, the star underwent a major six-hour surgery in which doctors and surgeons attempted a complex operation on stage 3 cancer in her uterus.

Thankfully, the surgery was a success, but Dilley admitted she was left in a lot of pain.

Dilley posted during the episode’s broadcast, reflecting on her cancer journey during filming, saying, “Where do I start when I go back to my first show?”

“All I can say is thank you to the most wonderful family who entrusted their home and family to us and took us in during the most difficult of times.”

Dilley continued, “This episode marked my first comeback after cancer surgery and the beginning of my path to radiation therapy…

“It was very raw, but as always with everything on Sort Your Life Out, whether you are part of the show family or a member of the production, you are loved and every moment of your day is will watch over you.

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“Congratulations on a great first episode!

“Sort your life out is back in a big way!”

One fan sent a message of support to the star, writing: “What a great show. I know you’re not Dilly himself but it’s amazing you showed up at that time! You should be so proud of yourself! I… I’m in awe,” he said. your. “

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The latest episode of the show left fans in tears as Stacey and the gang helped a widow sort out her affairs.

Craig struggled to keep the house clean while raising two girls on her own.

When Stacey asks why his house is so messy, he reveals that his wife Lois died of cancer five years ago, and it has been a struggle to keep up with his daily tasks ever since.

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The star was diagnosed with uterine cancer last year.


The star was diagnosed with uterine cancer last year.Credit: instagram/@declutterdollies
The show is back for a new series


The show is back for a new seriesCredit: instagram/@declutterdollies

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