Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp says final season ‘handled it all beautifully’ for Will Byers

Stranger Things’ Noah Schnapp says final season ‘handled it all beautifully’ for Will Byers

If stranger things The characters were ranked precisely by the amount of trouble The Upside Down brought them. Will Byers heads to the top of the pack – it’s not a competition.

(Or at least not a competition that everyone wants to win.)

According to his actor Noah Schnapp, his ending lives up to his beginning, answering questions and putting Will in the spotlight once again.

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Schnapp gave us some pretty clear hints as to what we can expect from the fifth and final season. forbes): “I can only say that I am very excited about what is to come.

“I think they’ve done a great job with Will’s character this season, and they’ve addressed everything they needed to do beautifully. The way they’ve rounded out the show is perfect. finish.”

And Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays the super-villain Vecna, had previously agreed to let Will star in the showdown between good and evil. It will be a pleasure to be back there,” he said. When!news.

Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven, Noah Schnapp as Will Byers, Stranger Things Season 4


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Schnapp also touches on what his character’s love for Hawkins resident Mike means for the show. variety Last June: “Mike’s grown out of it [their childhood closeness] All I can think about now is Eleven. We’ll be interested to see where the Duffer family goes in season 5, and how they conclude that storyline.

He also added, “The Duffers have said they’ll be building on that story next season with more of a focus on Will. I think that’s very exciting.”

So Will’s disappearance dates everything back to season one. Now we’ll come full circle and see what this means for Vecna’s relationship with Upside Down and his gang of monster-fighting friends.

stranger things Seasons 1-4 are now streaming worldwide on Netflix.

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