The first appearance of the rising and falling shock is stripped and undressed by two transplants in bed


The new Channel 4 show Rise and Fall, hosted by Greg James, is a social experiment that examines how money and power influence personal relationships.

And in the new first look, the two transplants are stripping their underwear and jumping into bed.

Rise and Fall stars Jack and Sydney jumped into bed together


Rise and Fall stars Jack and Sydney jumped into bed togetherCredit: Channel 4
they put a blanket over themselves


they put a blanket over themselvesCredit: Channel 4
one of their co-stars called the pair


One of the co-stars called the pair ‘cute’Credit: Channel 4

The show hit our screens this week, and the two contestants quickly got to know each other, with Jack and Sidney lounging in bed.

Jack, 28, is a construction worker and semi-professional soccer player, and Sydney, 24, is a single mother who works as a delivery driver.

The pair hugged and chatted in bed very close to their other co-stars.

At one point, Jack says, “Give me a French kiss,” and throws the duvet cover over them, making a smooth noise.

As co-stars watched, attendee Connor turned to the camera and said he thought the pair were “cute.”

He continues:

“They are connected and I think it’s very nice.”

His thoughts were also shared by fans on social media who seemed to support the pair, though some wanted to jokingly say, “It’s not Love Island.”

Someone asked, “Who wants to let Jack and Sydney know that this isn’t Love Island?”

Another said, “Jack and Sydney think cuddling in bed is Love Island.”

In the new show, players will have the opportunity to rise and fall from having it all to having nothing in a game full of drama, betrayal, and power manipulation.

Audiences were unimpressed with the first episode, with some branding it “horrible” and others saying it “switched off”.

In the first episode, six candidates stepped forward to gain power. Other players remained in the basement as transplanters.

The transplantees then had to participate in various challenges to win cash for the power contestants.

His first mission involved electroshocking workers, but he managed to earn £6,000 for those in power.

Using Twitter, he writes:

Another user wrote, “I had to turn Rise and Fall off. It’s horrible. And it’s too close to how this country really runs to entertain…”

Third Rage: “Oh my god! This is so bad.”

A fourth added, “Honestly, anyone who bothers to watch this show is so silly!”

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The fifth person enraged, “I turned it off! It was the worst show I’ve seen this year.”

Rise and Fall is available on Channel 4

Some viewers weren't impressed with the first episode of Greg James' new show


Some viewers weren’t impressed with the first episode of Greg James’ new showCredit: Channel 4 / Simon Webb

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