The Last of Us Episode 3’s tender love story leaves an imprint on your heart

The Last of Us Episode 3’s tender love story leaves an imprint on your heart

Nick Offerman and Murray Bartlett in The Last of Us

Bill and Frank’s story makes us believe in hope in a world where many don’t (Photo: HBO/Sky)

Warning: Spoilers Last of us episode 3.

Even fans of the Last of Us video game franchise probably didn’t know the emotional gut punch that was in store for them while watching Episode 3 of the TV series.

The tender love story shared by Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) left many sobbing and immeasurably moved.

In a world where there can be no hope, where fungal and parasitic infections have caused an unstoppable epidemic that turns humans into monsters, Bill and Frank defy all odds to build a home and protect each other. I made a vow and built a house until I succeeded. As an old man who lived a fulfilling life together, I will take my last breath.

Their story was greatly expanded for the TV adaptation, in which Frank didn’t take his own life or walk away from the building after being infected, but was left weakened by an incurable disease and eventually died. Until then, he devoted himself to his partner.

Several viewers noted how meaningful the scene where Bill and Frank exchange vows was, given that gay marriage was legalized in the United States in 2015. The Last of of Ass.

With others comparing their relationship to a montage from the Pixar movie Up, which depicts Ellie and Carl’s relationship from childhood to their funeral in old age, we see the rawness of Bill and Frank’s story, Nick and Murray’s acting. The beauty of, the poignancy of the script and its impeccable execution will stay with us all for a long time.

Their first encounter is when Frank gets caught in a trap set by Bill for anyone who tries to approach his town and falls into a deep pit in the ground.

Instead of shooting Frank, Bill took him home, showered him, served him a piping hot gourmet meal paired perfectly with smooth wine, and showed his taste for the finer things. .

After dinner, Frank is desperate to tinker with Bill’s piano, which the house owner has taken over and plays a sweet version of Linda Ronstadt’s Long Long Time, released in 1970.

Nick Offerman in

Frank quickly realizes there’s more to the building than grizzly looks (Photo: HBO/Sky)

Frank, upset by Bill’s performance, kisses him before the pair sleep together for the first time, and Bill admits he has never had a sexual relationship with a man before.

Years later, the couple, now living together, got into a heated argument about Frank wanting to clean up the neighborhood, much to Bill’s wrath, revealing he had been communicating with the woman over the radio. (Anna Torv) is invited to a meal on their property with her partner Joel (Pedro Pascal).

Years pass and Bill sustains a gunshot wound when raiders try unsuccessfully to break into the heavily guarded perimeter around town, and Frank manages to save his life.

Further down, Frank is in a wheelchair suffering from debilitating health and spends his days painting while Bill attends to his every need.

Frank changes Bill’s outlook on life (Photo: HBO/Sky)

After everything they’ve been through in their lives, the strength of Bill and Frank’s relationship boils down to one line the former says to his partner.

On a planet ravaged beyond recognition and overrun by cordyceps-infected people and humans who loot and lash out to get what they want, Bill until he gets someone he’s afraid to lose. do not be afraid.

The Last of Us could focus on Joel and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) traveling across America in hopes that a teenager’s immunity to infection could be the key to a cure. .

Nonetheless, audiences around the world are so utterly riveted by the power of love displayed between Bill and Frank that it is overwhelmingly welcomed that their story is given the right amount of time. It was a decision to

After all, the world of The Last of Us would have forgotten the stories of many people and the connections they made throughout their lives, both before and during the pandemic.

So it feels very special to spend a moment celebrating the joy and purity of love.

The Last of Us is available to watch on Sky and NOW, with new episodes releasing on Mondays.

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