The life of Radio 2’s new Pick of the Pops presenter Mark Goodier


MARK Goodier is a legendary radio broadcaster who began his career in the ’70s.

In April 2024, it was announced that he would be taking over from the late Steve Wright as Pick of the Pops on Radio 2.

Mark Goodier is a legendary radio broadcaster


Mark Goodier is a legendary radio broadcaster

Who is Mark Goodier and how old is he?

Mark Goodier, born June 9, 1961, is a radio and television star.

He began his broadcasting career as a mobile DJ in Edinburgh in the late 1970s and soon began an illustrious radio career at local radio station Radio Forth.

Mark is best known for his work at Radio 1 when he first joined the station in the late 80s.

Since 2019, he has hosted a weekend show from 10am to 1pm on Greatest Hits Radio.

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However, Mark left the station to return to Radio 2 and host Pick of the Pops.

What does Mark Goodier say about the Pick of the Pops host?

On 15 April 2024, the BBC confirmed that Mark would be taking over the late Steve Wright’s Radio 2 show Pick of the Pops.

This comes after Steve, who continued to bring joy to listeners for over 40 years, tragically passed away in February at the age of 69.

It has now been confirmed that Mark will take over every Saturday lunchtime from July 2024.

The DJ continues to count down two charts from two different weeks over the past 70 years.

Mark said of his new gig: “It’s an honor to host the iconic Pick of the Pops, but Steve and I have been friends for almost 40 years and I wish things could have been happier.

“I can’t wait to relive the memories with.” wireless Two listeners reflect on two years of their lives and play some of the greatest records ever made. ”

Mark is also known for commercial radio


Mark is also known for commercial radioCredit: Vicki Couchman – Sunday Times

What else has Mark Goodier hosted?

Mark has worked extensively for the BBC and commercial radio.

He is best known for presenting the famous UK Top 40 on BBC Radio 1 from 1990-1992 and 1995-2002.

For Radio 2, he has presented a variety of programs and specials, including filling in for the Radio 2 Breakfast Show since 2001.

There is no doubt that my wife and daughter saved my life.

Mark Goodier speaks after stroke

Apart from the BBC, the popular presenter also has shows on Classic FM, Smooth Radio and Real Radio.

On television, Mark was one of the main presenters on Top of the Pops from 1988 to 1996.

Is Mark Goodier married and does he have any children?

Mark has been married to his wife Jackie since 1985.

They have three children, all of whom live at home in north London.

Mark suffered a stroke in 2016 and has since revealed that his wife and daughter recognized the signs right away.

When you talk to expresshe said. “They saved my life, no doubt about it.

“My experience completely emphasizes the importance of public service. health EnglandACT FAST Stroke Campaign. ”

Fortunately for Mark, his wife Jacqueline and daughter Grace, who were with him when he collapsed, remembered. commercial I soon realized that I needed urgent treatment.

Mark continued: “I cannot stress this enough that if you think someone may be having a stroke, it is far better to call 999 and get them taken to hospital than to delay it. ”

he said: [given a clot-busting drug] Within an hour and a half after the stroke.

“Additionally, the fact that I had a relatively small stroke is why I had such a good outcome. There was a four-hour window for treatment, which could be the difference between life, death, or permanent damage. Depends on whether or not you will be damaged.”

Signs someone is having a stroke

The FAST method (short for Face, Arms, Speech, Time) is the easiest way to memorize the most common symptoms of stroke.

F = Drooping face – If one side of your face is drooping or numb, try smiling and get help if it’s uneven.

a = Arm Weakness – If one arm is weak or numb, you should ask the person to raise both arms.If one arm dangles, you may need to seek help

S = Speech Difficulty – If a person’s speech is slurred, this may be a sign of a stroke.

T = When to call 999 – If a person has any of the above symptoms, they should call 999 in the UK or 911 in the US for emergency treatment.

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