The Mandalorian Season 3, Episode 1 Review: Thanks to the Makers



The problem with high-profile shows is that people want storylines to conclude quickly. If the road to success is ridiculously high, the desire to collectively solve major problems, or indeed the pressure from studio heads and Stan’s insanity, to make sure that everything can end fast. I mean. The classic here is Twin Peaks, and pressure from ABC, who were eager for a ratings climax, forced David Lynch and Mark Frost to reveal Laura Palmer’s killer early in Season 2. Afterwards, the series essentially died. Revealing the killer, Lynch famously said, “I killed the goose that laid the golden egg.”

This was also a concern for the Mandalorian. The adventures of Mando/Din Djarin (Pedro Pescal) and Grog (Baby Yoda) seemed resolved at the end of season two. Get him to safety (helped by a spoiler alert – a thrilling appearance by Luke Skywalker, played by an aging Mark Hamill).

Job done.

As an exception, Boba Fett’s book in the related series suddenly made it into The Mandalorian season 2.5 halfway through. That’s when Mando returned to the screen, got a nice new ship, and went to see Grog. and Luke. Grog ultimately finds himself adventuring with Pedro Pascal rather than sitting in the woods with a digital-faced Luke lifting a rock with his head Naboo He’d rather fly around in an N-1 starfighter I decided it was good.

And now we’re back together again, ready for Season 3…but what now? The only way for him to redeem himself and become a Mandalorian again is to drink water from the mines beneath his home planet Mandalore. To bathe. Unfortunately poisoned.

group of mandalorians

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got it. I’m ready for a new mission and I don’t care if it’s a little less dramatic (the only good thing about being the Mandalorian seems to be saying “this is the way” every 5 seconds .Star Wars is Love Island’s equivalent of ‘what it is’) ‘). It’s just an excuse to start having fun. The reason The Mandalorian is such a successful TV show is because creator Jon Favreau was responsible for the major ’50s movies that inspired George Lucas’ original Star Wars films, such as The Lone Ranger and Flash Gordon. Because we created it to reflect the TV show. You need to understand that there is no mega rush for this.

Episode 1 of Season 3 begins with the Mandalorian fighting a giant crocodile. It features a quick shootout in town and a very fun space battle between the hero and the dastardly pirates in the asteroid belt.

Abrams’ truly bad trilogy, neuroticically hyped and desperate to please, was merely frustrating, confusing and cold, but in The Mandalorian everything is very I feel confident, relaxed, and cool. Hit all the notes of other inspiration behind the original film that Favreau wanted to hit: samurai movies and westerns. It’s about the growth of exploitative authoritarian evil, the bandits and bounty hunters who make big bucks in chaotic times, and the rare innocent people who must be protected.

And there was probably no one more innocent, cute and funny than Grogu. My kids scream every time he appears on screen. If he showed up in our house, I’d choose him over them too. I have.

But really, the Jedi here is Favreau. Season 3 already has action, humor, and danger to look forward to each week. Favreau is looking forward to a family TV show with a bit of A-Team and Knight Rider as well as 50’s serials. It’s not too obvious that it’s also the best Star Wars work since The Empire Strikes Back. .. Star Wars shouldn’t have been a movie set, it should have been just a TV show.

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