The slowest city in the world that takes 42 minutes to travel 6 miles is in the UK


London turned out to be the slowest city in the world, taking a whopping 42 minutes to travel just six miles (6 miles) by car.

The UK capital has been rated the world’s worst city for peak hour traffic, surpassing the congested cities of Paris and Los Angeles.

Traffic jam in central London


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of report A TomTom study found that it takes London drivers an average of 42.5 minutes to drive just 6.2 miles, with 43% of that time due to traffic jams.

By comparison, driving the same distance takes 32 minutes in Paris, 28 minutes in Manchester, and 25 minutes in Los Angeles.

Bucharest and Dublin are second and third, with the same rush hour travel time of about 36 minutes.

TomTom’s report details drivers’ fuel consumption, travel times and carbon footprint in 50 cities around the world.

Data was captured from 600 million devices including navigation, smartphone apps and telematics systems.

Andy Marchant, Transportation Expert at TomTom, said:

“There is a shortage of black cab drivers, especially in London, which may have led to more drivers coming and going into the city.

“The sheer volume of slow-moving traffic across UK cities, coupled with the UK’s outdated road infrastructure, is having a significant impact on transport emissions.

“Improved traffic management based on real-time data intelligence is needed to ensure realistic traffic flows and efficient use of urban infrastructure.”

And Londoners pay £1.79 to drive 6.2 miles. This is more money than anyone else in the world.

On the other hand, the cheapest places to drive the same distance are in the United States, 55p in Knoxville, Tennessee, and 61p in Atlanta, Georgia.

Earlier this year, the UK’s busiest roads were revealed: By 2022, the average driver will have lost 80 hours in traffic jams.

Once again, London roads have been voted the worst traffic in the world as new data reveal the scale of delays in the capital.

Data company INRIX has released its annual Global Traffic Scorecard, with routes in cities such as Birmingham, Leeds and Edinburgh all on the list of the UK’s busiest cities.

The A219 Southbound between Fulham and Morden in South London leads the rankings with an average loss of 47 hours, followed closely by the A202 Eastbound in South East London with 45 hours.

Both of these roads are popular commuter routes and are at their busiest at 5pm each day.

Outside the capital, the worst road was Birmingham’s A45 Eastbound, which lost drivers an average of 37 hours, with a peak hour of 4pm.

The data also shows the 10 cities with the longest traffic delays.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, London is by far the top, with an average delay time per driver of a whopping 156 hours.

“It’s great to see civic and commercial life returning to normal, but unfortunately, congestion, if not surpassing pre-pandemic levels, will continue to grow,” said Bob Pishwe, a transportation analyst and author of the report. We are getting closer little by little.

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“Congestion must be managed while improving urban mobility and accessibility to avoid stifling economic recovery and impacting the quality of life of commuters and residents.”

According to data, London is the city with the worst congestion.It takes him 42 minutes to travel just 6 miles


According to data, London is the city with the worst congestion.It takes him 42 minutes to travel just 6 milesCredit: TomTom

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