TV star complains: ‘What a rubbish dump our city is’ as he slams the state for Glasgow Street


A Scottish TV star has slammed the current state of Glasgow’s streets.

Taggert actor Colin McCready lamented Taggert’s decline on social media. City.

Colin McCready claims Glasgow is the worst city he's ever lived in


Colin McCready claims Glasgow is the worst city he’s ever lived in
The actor played DC Stuart Fraser on the popular TV show 'Taggert'


The actor played DC Stuart Fraser on the popular TV show ‘Taggert’Credit: Michael Schofield – The Sun Glasgow

McCready shared an image of a dilapidated underpass in the city’s west end, dubbing it a “garbage dump.”

The Shallow Grave and River City actor posted the image to X with the caption: “What a dumping ground our city is becoming.”

He added in his comments: “This is just the tip of the iceberg, it has never been this bad in the last 33 years I have lived here.

“And don’t even get me started on Sauchiehall Street, it’s not just Glasgow, the whole of Britain is falling apart.

“It’s everywhere in the city. It needs cleaning, it needs to be taken care of, it needs attention. Sauchiehall Street is a disaster right now.”

There is pictorial graffiti all over the historic stonework, and the grassy path is damaged and a dirt road runs through it.

There are several potholes on the road, and you can see garbage strewn strangely.

Author Ewan Morrison wrote: “Yes, Glasgow is just pretending they aren’t going bankrupt by withdrawing services.”

“While bureaucrats pretend to make ends meet, we become corrupt, confused, and dysfunctional.”

Muriel Gray added: ‘I know, it’s very sad and we are all responsible for the litter, vandalism and neglect.

A Glasgow driver swerves to avoid a huge hole so big that a metal rod sticks out.

“We have become so disrespectful to this beautiful city.

“Glasgow is a wonderful place.”

One user wrote: ‘Yesterday I went for a 7 mile walk around Glasgow: Broomhill Partick, Finneston Park, The Woodlands, Hill Head, Dwan Hill and Hyndland.

“Trash cans were everywhere, garbage bags were bursting in different places…the sidewalks were covered with all sorts of things.

“The overall feel is dirty and filthy.”

Glasgow City Council has been contacted for comment.

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