Who’s Chris Chan?

Who’s Chris Chan?


SONICHU creator Chris Chan has repeatedly complained about being the sufferer of “web trolls, blackmail and deception”.
Chris likes to be known as “Mrs Christine W. Chandler Sonichu” and describes herself as a “goddess” of Ruckersville, Virginia.
2Chris Chan is the creator of Sonichu and RosechuCredit: FacebookWho is Chris Chan?
Net comedian creator Chris Chan, 39, is an artist, blogger and YouTube character.
Chan is greatest often known as the creator of net comics that includes Sonichu and Rosechu – and for being “a polarizing web celeb,” writes Sega Nerds.
The web site describes Chan as “the notorious creator of the Sonichu comedian sequence and web trolling goal”.
On Twitter, nevertheless, Chan writes in her bio: “I’m Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, Goddess of the Nations of Cwcville, Comma, and the Commodore Consoles, and the Creator of Sonichu and Rosechu. She/Her.”
Chan has beforehand defined: “I Am Feminine; please tackle and speak about me with the right Pronouns. She/Her/Hers. Thank You.”
On Tumblr, Chan provides that she is the “creator of Sonichu, Rosechu and the town of Cwcville, VA, as drawn in my comedian guide sequence.
“And I’m a proud Lesbian Transwoman… I’m nonetheless a piece in progress, all the time.”
Chan has beforehand written that she is “often known as Christian, Christopher, Chris Chan and so forth amongst my fan base and plenty of trolls and cyber bullies on the web since 2000”.
Chan studied computer-aided drafting and design at Piedmont Virginia Neighborhood Faculty, in keeping with her Fb web page.
She has about 60,000 followers on Twitter.
Biography Day by day says that Chan did not converse till she was seven years previous, and was recognized with high-functioning autism as a baby.
What’s the Sonichu net sequence?
Chris Chan’s comedian Sonichu net sequence incorporates a Sonic the Hedgehog and Pokemon cross-over – Sonichu – and “disturbing photographs”, writes Sega Nerd.
Rosechu is Sonichu’s sweetheart.
The artist first began importing her comedian sequence in 2000.
Know Your Meme says: “The comedian, which follows the adventures of the titular protagonist, a fusion of the Pokemon character Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, has been broadly mocked on-line for its newbie artwork model and writing.
“It was broadly ignored earlier than Chris’ video-blog and private life gained web infamy.
“At that time, the comics departed from their unique storyline to explain Sonichu’s intercourse life and the writer’s personal private issues.”
The sequence advanced to incorporate a warfare towards trolls – who had been murdered.
The writer, in the meantime, has “portrayed herself as superhuman, extraordinarily clever, blessed by God (actually), main of CWCville, and has her personal tremendous mode which is activated by a magic MacGuffin,” provides Know Your Meme.
2Chris Chan has practically 60k followers on TwitterWhat is Chris Chan’s web price?
It isn’t recognized what the comedian creator’s web price is.
However, Chan has written about her monetary state of affairs: “I’ve drawn and coloured greater than eleven books price of tales, content material and so forth, in addition to my very own official Sonichu and Rosechu figures and merchandise.

“I nonetheless reside with my mom and our canines and cats, and we’ve a slew of economic issues, alongside quite a few being the sufferer of web trolls, blackmail and deception, and so forth, which have lengthy emotionally and mentally scarred me vastly.
“My creativity has been affected, and the one resolve, I really feel, is much less worries hanging over my head.
“And the house funds are a begin that I would like very a lot to resolve, together with the mortgage and money owed.”


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