“X-MEN ’97” creator Beau DeMayo breaks his silence after leaving the show and talks about the background of Episode 5


Spoiler alert: Details of this article X-Men ’97 Season 1, Episode 5, “Remember!”

Beau DeMayo breaks his silence after being sent off X-Men ’97. The creators of the Disney+ animated series took to social media to talk about episode 5, “Remember It!” And I will explain the background of this shocking episode.

“I have a lot of questions so I’ll take a moment to break my silence and answer them,” he shared in a lengthy post shared on social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter. “Episode 5 was the highlight of my pitch to Marvel in November 2020. The idea was to bring his -It was to be reflected in MEN.”

He continued, “The world was a seemingly safe place for us, where characters like Storm talk about how ‘weird’ skin-based racism is in One Man’s Worth.” I was commenting. [the season 4 premiere of the OG series]. Most of the time, to our young minds, the world was a simple place of good and evil, where questions about identity and social justice had relatively clear answers. ”

DeMayo said that after the September 11, 2001 attacks, everyone’s perception of the world changed.

“The situation was not so safe anymore,” he said. “Grassroots populist movements began to rise around the world as entire countries struggled to address collective trauma and rifts at the seams of all their diverse demographics. Their effects are still being felt today, and with the coronavirus It’s only been exacerbated by collective traumas like the virus and some recessions.”

writer and creator of X-Men ’97 He said he wanted the episode to reflect similar attacks in American history.

“Yes, Gambit’s story seemed to be going in a certain direction,” he said. “The crop top was chosen to make you fall in love with him. His taking off his shirt was intentional. He told Rogue that even if he didn’t suffer as a result, There’s a reason why any fool would say that dancing would hurt her hand. But if events like 9/11, Tulsa, Charlottesville, and Pulse Nightclub have taught us anything, it’s that Well, it’s that too many stories are often cut too short. I partied at the Pulse. That was my club. I have so many great memories of the great white lounge. Similarly, it was a safe space for me and others like me to dance and laugh and be free. I thought about this a lot as I created this season and this episode. And I thought about how the gay community in Orlando rose from that incident.”

He continued, “Like many of us who grew up on the OG comics, the X-Men are now hit hard by the realities of the dangerous world of adulthood. Life has happened to them.” And they, like us, have been telling humanity what they have been telling humanity: which parts of themselves should we hold on to, and which parts should we let go, in order to face an uncertain future we never saw coming? As Trask tells Cyclops in the premiere, “You don’t know what it’s like to be left behind in the future.” Now the X-Men are doing so, and like each of us, they consider whether this is a time for social justice or, as Magneto preached at his trial, a time for social healing. would need to. ”

Episode 5 of X-Men ’97 It caused many casualties, including Gambit and Magneto. DeMayo was announced to be leaving the Marvel/Disney+ animated series before its March premiere.

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